Martlets Classical Spectacular

Martlets Classical Spectacular

“Martlets Popular Classical Spectacular”


We are proud to announce a Classical Spectacular which will take place on Sunday 9th March at All Saints Church in Hove in support of the Martlets Hospice.

Inspired by the world famous Dutch musician Andre Rieu, this concert features some of the most popular classical orchestral and vocal pieces with music by Johann Strauss, Elgar, Bizet, Puccini, Sullivan, Lehar and Verdi.

The audience is invited to sway, hum, sing-a-long, clap their hands, stamp their feet in the glorious, fun-packed, joyous atmosphere that this music radiates.

The programme includes Strauss’ The Blue Danube Waltz, the Trisch-Trasch Polka, the Radetzky March, Elgar’s Chanson du Matin, the Intermezzo from Cavalleria Rusticana, arias and choruses from Carmen, Tosca, The Merry Widow, Die Fledermaus, the celebrated duet from Bizet’s The Pearl Fishers, the Humming Chorus from Madama Butterfly and many more, finishing with a “Last Night of the Proms” finale.

The wonderful line up of soloists includes soprano Jacquelyn Fugelle who has sung as a soloist at the Royal Opera and with all the major British opera companies as well as extensively across Europe. She is a regular soloist on Friday Night is Music Night on BBC Radio Two. Hyacinth Nicholls (mezzo soprano) is from Trinidad but is based in London. She has performed as a soloist with Glyndebourne Festival Opera, The Royal Opera and English National Opera. Gavin Sayers (tenor) has sung with Glyndebourne and Scottish Opera; Darren Jones (baritone) has sung with Glyndebourne Festival Opera, Opera North and with the Cologne City Opera.
Soprano Karen Orchin has sung with Regency Opera and English Festival Opera and is regular performer with MT2000. Also taking part is special guest singer Andrey Ganchuk from the Ukraine.

The chorus of some 50 plus singers is made up from the combined choruses of MT2000 and Actually Gay Men’s Chorus and the large orchestra consists of players from the English Festival Opera conducted by Brighton based musician Simon Gray.

The concert, sponsored by Streamline Taxis, starts at 7.00pm on Sunday 9th March and tickets from £12.50 are available from the Box Office on 01273 555089

More information and press tickets available from SIMON GRAY (see below for contact details)

Music Theatre 2000
72 Balsdean Road, Brighton, East Sussex, BN2 6PF
Tel. (01273) 301220 Mobile 07885 833579
email: [email protected]




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Celebrity Tom Daley goes head to head with World Champions

Celebrity Tom Daley goes head to head with World Champions

 Celebrity Tom Daley goes head to head with World Champions

The Caribbean is voted the UK’s number one dream destination

Celebrity Tom Daley goes head to head with World Champions in first ever Caribbean Cup Challenge

Tom Daley sharpens his competitive edge in his latest high adrenaline conquest, The Caribbean Cup Challenge.  Pitting his skills against other renowned World Champions, fans of Tom get to see him like never before in an online trailer for The Caribbean Cup Challenge which premieres online today.  Research also unveiled today that The Caribbean Cup Challenge takes place in the destination Brits have voted as their number one dream destination.

Tom DaleyThe Caribbean Cup Challenge puts three world champions through their paces and comprises ten challenges, each demanding a different skill from the gold medal winners.  From kayaking to sushi making, water polo and rockclimbing, the Caribbean Cup Challenge is set against the stunning backdrop of the Caribbean seas and islands.

The diving champion and TV presenter explains “I never thought I’d be competing against two other legends of sport. It was so cool to be alongside them.  Anything dangerous or has got heights or is scary excites me.  It was quite an experience.”

Tom Daley’s participation in the Caribbean Cup Challenge coincides with Brits nominating Tom as one of the top three men they would most like to be stranded with on a Caribbean island. The Caribbean also emerged as a popular dream destination choice for weather weary Brits, beating many other sunny destinations, including Mexico and India. The scenery, climate and food all contribute to the Caribbean’s popularity according to research released by Royal Caribbean International.  The survey also reveals:

  • 1 in seven Brits are planning to holiday in the Caribbean in 2014
  • 38% of Brits said the purpose for a trip to the Caribbean was a family holiday, whilst 36% said romantic getaway.
  • A quarter of Brits aged 35-60 would prefer to get to experience the Caribbean by cruise ship
  • The top three items women would take to their dream destination would be a camera, bikini and mascara whilst men declare the radio a must have item
  • Escapism, Luxury accommodation and music were other reasons why the Caribbean makes people happy.
  • 61% of woman aged 35-60 said the climate is the most appealing about the Caribbean, whilst 57% of men aged 35-60 said it is the scenery
  • The Caribbean is voted the number one ‘dream destination’ by women in the UK aged 35-60

The Caribbean Cup Challenge takes place on the Allure of the Seas. This is the most innovative and newest ship in the Royal Caribbean’s Oasis fleet which features a host of activities on board to keep families entertained, including the zip line, aqua theatre, ice skating rink and a rock climbing wall which – at three stories tall – is the biggest climbing wall at sea. For adults seeking a different vibe there are also plenty of opportunities to relax in the solarium or spacious rooms and indulge in a massage or facial at the Vitality at Sea Spa.

To get more information on Royal Caribbean’s Caribbean Cup Challenge and see Tom in action visit

You may also visit and or

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Bacardi Freedom Fighter Revealed In New Film

Bacardi Freedom Fighter Revealed In New Film

Bacardi Freedom Fighter Revealed In New Film


Short Film Tells The Story Of The Bacardi Family’s Role In Cuba’s Turbulent Political History


Cuba’s fight for independence during the 1890s is well documented, but now a new film tells the story from the perspective of one of Cuba’s most influential families – the Bacardí family – who played a significant role in the revolution.

Emilio Bacardí, the eldest son of  Bacardí rum founder Don Facundo Bacardí Massó, was a fearless advocate of freedom in Cuba.  On numerous occasions, he narrowly escaped the sharp end of Spanish rule.

With Emilio’s political stance and Bacardi family prominence during this complex and critical war, the stakes were always high.

On one occasion Emilio’s life was saved, due to the quick thinking of his dependable maid.

She ensured that secret letters thought to contain evidence of Emilio’s involvement with the Cuban rebel army were kept from the Spanish Governors, thus enabling Emilio to continue his campaign.

This exclusive behind the scenes video is one of three movies, providing a window into some of the  true stories of the Bacardí family’s rich past in Cuba.

Containing expert historical commentary and footage from the making of the film, this video tells the story of the Bacardí family and its fascinating Cuban heritage

Click here to view the series of films Please note this film is a fictional romanced re-interpretation of an episode of the life of Emilio Bacardí who participated to the struggle for Cuba’s independence in the late 1800’s and was imprisoned and exiled for that.

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Sir Elton John & David Furnish Discuss Their Defining Moment

Sir Elton John & David Furnish Discuss Their Defining Moment

 Sir Elton John & David Furnish Discuss Their Defining Moment

Sir Elton John & David Furnish Look Ahead to the Grey Goose Winter Ball To Benefit The Elton John Aids Foundation

The Elton John AIDS Foundation (EJAF) is one of the foremost independent AIDS charities in the world. The mission is to provide focused and sustainable funding to frontline programmes that help to alleviate the physical, emotional and financial  hardship of those living with, affected by or at risk of HIV/AIDS, and to continue the fight against this worldwide pandemic.

Following the loss of many close friends to AIDS in the early 90s, including Freddie Mercury and American teenager Ryan White, and seeing the lack of understanding and stigma attached to the disease at that time, Sir Elton John established EJAF in the US in 1992, and subsequently EJAF in the UK the following year (1993). While functioning as separate organisations, both EJAF UK and EJAF US pursue the common goals of empowering people infected, affected and at risk of HIV/AIDS;alleviating their physical, emotional and financial hardship; and improving their quality of life, enabling them to live with dignity and exercise self determination.

This Saturday 10 November, GREY GOOSE, the World’s Best Tasting Vodka, will host its annual GREY GOOSE Winter Ball to benefit the Elton John AIDS Foundation

100% of the funds raised from the event including ticket sales are donated directly to the Elton John AIDS Foundation (charity registration no. 1017336).

To date, the GREY GOOSE Winter Ball has raised more than £2.3M for the foundation and is becoming one of the charity’s biggest fundraisers.


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Record “Jump From The Edge Of Space”

Record “Jump From The Edge Of Space”

Record “Jump From The Edge Of Space”

Felix Baumgartner Completes Record “Jump From The Edge Of Space”

BREAKING NEWS: Austrian BASE jumper breaks record for highest ever freefall

SUNDAY 14th OCTOBER 2012 – ROSWELL, NEW MEXICO: After flying to an altitude of 39,044 meters (128,097 feet) in a helium-filled balloon, Felix Baumgartner completed a record breaking jump for the ages from the edge of space, exactly 65 years after Chuck Yeager first broke the sound barrier flying in an experimental rocket-powered airplane. The 43-year-old Austrian skydiving expert also broke two other world records (highest freefall, highest manned balloon flight), leaving the longest freefall record to project mentor Col. Joe Kittinger.

Baumgartner landed safely in the desert of New Mexico after jumping out of his space capsule at 39,044 meters and plunging back towards earth, hitting a maximum of speed of 1,137 km/h through the near vacuum of the stratosphere before being slowed by the atmosphere later during his 4:19-minute long freefall. Baumgartner’s jump lasted a total of 9:03 minutes. Countless millions of people around the world watched his ascent and jump live on television broadcasts and live stream on the internet. At one point during his freefall Baumgartner appeared to spin rapidly, but he quickly re-gained control and moments later opened his parachute as members of the ground crew cheered and viewers around the world heaved a sigh of relief.

“It was an incredible up and down today, just like it’s been with the whole project,” a relieved Baumgartner said. “First we got off with a beautiful launch and then we had a bit of drama with a power supply issue to my visor. The exit was perfect but then I started spinning slowly. I thought I’d just spin a few times and that would be that, but then I started to speed up. It was really brutal at times. I thought for a few seconds that I’d lose consciousness. I didn’t feel a sonic boom because I was so busy just trying to stabilize myself. We’ll have to wait and see if we really broke the sound barrier. It was really a lot harder than I thought it was going to be.”

Baumgartner and his team spent five years training and preparing for the mission that is designed to improve our scientific understanding of how the body copes with the extreme conditions at the edge of space.

Baumgartner had endured several weather-related delays before finally lifting off under bright blue skies and calm winds on Sunday morning. The Red Bull Stratos crew, watching from Mission Control, broke out into spontaneous applause when the balloon lifted off.

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Winter Ball to Benefit the Elton John AIDS Foundation

Winter Ball to Benefit the Elton John AIDS Foundation

Winter Ball to Benefit the Elton John AIDS Foundation

Exceptional Character Cocktails Designed for the GREY GOOSE® Winter Ball to Benefit the Elton John AIDS Foundation

GREY GOOSE vodka unveils its bespoke collection of cocktails designed especially for the GREY GOOSE Winter Ball to benefit the Elton John AIDS Foundation, in collaboration with this year’s character partners Emeli Sandé, Labrinth, Gareth Pugh, Ellen von Unwerth and Karim Rashid.

The internationally acclaimed and star studded event, now in its sixth year, will be taking place at Battersea Power Station on Saturday 10 November, with a theme of 1950’s Cote D’Azur. Guests will be transported from a chilly autumn evening in London to a scene reminiscent of the Riviera in its heyday, where poolside glamour, palm trees and pastel colour schemes abound.

The GREY GOOSE Winter Ball to benefit the Elton John AIDS Foundation will begin with a glittering reception, where guests will be invited to sip bespoke cocktails created by each of the evening’s incredible partners. GREY GOOSE ambassador Joe McCanta has worked with each of them to construct a cocktail that either perfectly encapsulates their individual character and style, or that pays homage to the evening’s theme.

As well as designing their own bespoke cocktails for the evening, Ellen Von Unwerth, Gareth Pugh and Karim Rashid will also be donating a portable cocktail bar for auction that they have designed especially. Labrinth and Emeli Sandé will treat guests to a dazzling musical performance following a spectacular Mediterranean dinner, courtesy of The Connaught’s two Michelinstarred Head Chef Hélène Darroze.

Using pioneering techniques in mixology, some of the cocktails will invoke guests’ senses to immerse them completely in their surroundings. Labrinth’s Une Journée A La Plage is a sensory drink that combines GREY GOOSE and banana liqueur with notes of coconut, pineapple and lime, topped with a parasol infused with the scent of summer.

The evening’s guests will also be able to sip Emeli Sandé’s Poolside Martini. Elegant, calm and sophisticated, this azure blue cocktail captures the essence of a 1950’s poolside scene with a stylish combination of GREY GOOSE Le Citron, vanilla and thyme, accessorised with a white beach towel.

Gareth Pugh’s Grey Goose La Boite Poire is served in an iconic black box that is inspired by the designer’s collections. Sweet and salty, this drink features GREY GOOSE La Poire, French tarragon syrup and fresh lime, served over ice with a coriander-black-salt rim.

Ellen Von Unwerth‘s cocktail, the GREY GOOSE Golden Angel, is a rich, glamorous drink inspired by 1920’s French Cabaret and the burnished gold and orange shades of the photographer’s cocktail bar. GREY GOOSE L’Orange and traditional French flavours are given a distinctive twist with a rare liqueur made from Pyrenean herbs and a decadent sprinkling of gold leaf.

Designer Karim Rashid’s cocktail, Grey Goose L’Avenir, is inspired by his minimalist bar design and his signature futuristic aesthetic. Intended as ‘the martini of the future’, this is a seductively tart and slightly bitter mix of GREY GOOSE and a host of super foods including pomegranate, milk thistle and quinine wine, housed in a metallic goblet and garnished with a glistening ice orb.

Tickets are available to purchase by contacting the charity on 020 7603 9996 or online at 100% of the ticket price is donated directly to the Elton John AIDS Foundation (charity registration no 1017336).

GREY GOOSE Winter Ball to benefit the Elton John AIDS Foundation Cocktail Recipes



– 35ml GREY GOOSE vodka
– 10ml Gabriel Boudier crème de bananes
– 15ml Bahida coco de clement
– 10ml fresh lime juice
– 100ml fresh pineapple juice

Glass: Highball

Method: Shake and strain over crushed ice

Garnish: A pineapple leaf and a scented parasol



– 45ml GREY GOOSE Le Citron
– 15ml MARTINI Bianco
– 5ml French thyme liqueur
– 7.5ml French blue curaçao
– 1 dash French asparagus eaux-de-vie

Glass: GREY GOOSE coupette

Method: Stir and strain

Garnish: Lemon zest (discarded) and a miniature rolled
up towel



– 35ml GREY GOOSE La Poire
– 20ml French tarragon syrup
– 25ml fresh lime juice

Glass: Black box

Method: Shake and strain over perfect cubed Hoshizaki ice

Garnish: Rim the box with coriander-black salt


– 35ml GREY GOOSE L’Orange
– 5ml Green Chartreuse
– 15ml French liqueur de coscoll
– 25ml pink grapefruit juice
– 60ml French apricot juice

Glass: Rocks

Method: Shake and strain over cubed ice

Garnish: A gold straw and fresh apricot sprinkled with
gold dust



– 35ml GREY GOOSE vodka
– 20ml fresh lemon
– 15ml rosehip cordial
– 10ml Americano Cocchi
– 35ml superberry juice (tart cherry,
pomegranate, goji and aronia)

Glass: Metal goblet

Method: Shake and strain over an ice orb

Garnish: Ice orb

An elegant and refreshing combination of GREY GOOSE vodka, fresh lime juice and elderflower, served in a flute topped with chilled soda.

35ml GREY GOOSE vodka
15ml Elderflower cordial
15ml Freshly squeezed lime juice
75ml Chilled soda water

Glass: GREY GOOSE flute

Method: Shake GREY GOOSE, lime and elderflower,
double strain into a flute glass and top with chilled
soda water.

Garnish: GREY GOOSE stirrer

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Red Bull Stratos Launch Aborted

Red Bull Stratos Launch Aborted

Red Bull Stratos Launch Aborted

Red Bull Stratos Project Update: Launch Aborted Due To Winds

Felix Baumgartner’s Record Breaking Jump From 120,000ft Delayed Due To Wind Gusts

Tuesday 9th October 2012 – Roswell, New Mexico – Felix Baumgartner’s attempt to jump from the edge of space had to be aborted at the last minute (11.42hrs MDT local time) due to wind gusts that made it impossible to safely inflate the 30 million cubic feet / 834,497 cubic meters balloon. Baumgartner and the Red Bull Stratos team had waited for five hours in vain for the winds to calm down for the launch.

The Austrian athlete is attempting to undertake a stratospheric balloon flight to an altitude of 120,000 feet / 36,576 meters to become the first person to break the speed of sound in freefall. The findings from the mission will also help to improve our scientific understanding of the stratosphere and how the body copes with the extreme conditions at the edge of space.

At this stage the mission team is closely monitoring possible new launch days before approval is given for another countdown. Progress will be communicated as it happens.

Footage of the successful pre-flights tests, alongside updated interviews with Felix Baumgartner and the wider Red Bull Stratos team can be accessed at:

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Final preparations underway for Red Bull Stratos

Final preparations underway for Red Bull Stratos

Final preparations underway for Red Bull Stratos

Final preparations underway for Red Bull Stratos mission with Tuesday 9th October looking positive subject to weather conditions

The mission team have conducted a step by step dress rehearsal of the final hours before the Red Bull Stratos launch

Today, October 8th, 2012, ROSWELL, New Mexico (USA) – As the mission grows closer Felix’s family and friends are also making their final preparations for his 120,000 feet record breaking jump, supporting him along the way alongside the mission team.

The mission team have conducted a step by step dress rehearsal of the final hours before the Red Bull Stratos launch. A successful result, with the addition of a favourable weather report, has heightened the team’s anticipation for a lift off on Tuesday, October 9.  The entire crew assembled to practice the 58 steps that will take the mission from a preparatory weather briefing all the way through to a dawn launch of the  55-story high balloon. The rehearsal is a vital component of preparation for every jump as it enables the teams from all four areas of responsibility to consolidate their checklists into one seamless process.

“Rehearsal is critical,” said high performance director Andy Walshe. “Everything went wonderfully well and the crew was on their game. A couple of times we were ahead of schedule, which is really reassuring. It gives us a sense of confidence.”
Understanding the need to coordinate his activities with those of other crew members, Baumgartner participated too, undergoing a medical check, getting suited up and entering the capsule using the same activation plan that will be implemented at the final launch. “You cannot do this without a team to support you,” the Austrian noted.

Equally reassuring was the news from meteorologist Don Day, who had studied forecast data throughout the night in Mission Control. After a 24-hour postponement due to an unfavourable weather forecast, Tuesday October 9 continues to look promising for the launch. In the days leading up, the team will make minor adjustments to the rundown, even refining the language in which checklists are written to ensure that all crews are absolutely synchronized.

Baumgartner will launch with the largest manned balloon in history: 550 feet/ 168 meters high at the start with a volume of 30 million cubic feet/ 850.000 cubic meters.

“The good news is that we usually have a day or two after this type of cold front moves through where the weather can be favorable for a balloon launch“, Don Day says.

Red Bull Stratos
Red Bull Stratos, created by Red Bull and Felix Baumgartner, is a mission to the edge of space that will try to surpass human limits that have existed for more than 50 years. Supported by a team of experts, Felix Baumgartner will undertake a stratospheric balloon flight to more than 120,000 feet / 36,576 meters and make a record-breaking freefall jump in the attempt to become the first man to break the speed of sound in freefall (an estimated 690 miles / 1,110 kilometres per hour), while delivering valuable data for medical and scientific advancement.

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“Ex-Smokers are Unstoppable” Campaign

“Ex-Smokers are Unstoppable” Campaign

"Ex-Smokers are Unstoppable” Campaign

FC Barcelona partner with European Commission to help fans kick smoking habit

The European Commission and four-time European Champions FC Barcelona today announce an unprecedented partnership aimed at improving the health of millions of people across Europe.

‘Quit Smoking with Barça’ will harness the success of the European Commission’s “Ex-Smokers are Unstoppable” campaign and the support of Barça’s worldwide fan-base to help 28 million European smokers* kick the habit forever. The unique partnership will see one of the world’s most prestigious sports clubs partner with a pan- European institution to support a public health campaign on a never before seen scale.

‘Quit Smoking with Barça’ is the latest initiative of the award-winning “Ex-Smokers are Unstoppable” campaign and the partnership with FC Barcelona marks the first time the European Commission has collaborated with a sporting partner that reaches the hearts of millions of people to make a real difference to the health of Europe.

The programme aims not to judge smokers, but instead underlines the many benefits of quitting smoking, combining these positive messages with the proven tools of the “Ex-Smokers are Unstoppable” campaign. ‘Quit Smoking with Barça’ offers supporters of Barça, football and sport in general, a personalised health training programme with daily quit smoking tips and encouragement direct from key figures at the Catalan club.
The campaign will be powered by iCoach (, a free, proven digital health tool already helping almost a quarter of a million people across Europe (equivalent to 1 in every 500 smokers) in their quest to give up smoking for good. More information can be found at

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V12 Vantage Roadster

V12 Vantage Roadster

Aston Martin is lifting the lid on an extreme new sports car with the global debut of the V12 Vantage Roadster.

The new sports car, available as a limited edition in selected markets worldwide, immediately becomes the most potent example of the open-top Vantage range and mixes the breath-taking power of Aston Martin’s naturally aspirated 6.0-litre V12 engine with the established thrills of Vantage Roadster driving for what is an unforgettable sports car experience.

The V12 Vantage Roadster’s 6.0-litre engine, mated as in the Coupe to a six-speed manual gearbox, generates 517 PS at 6,500 rpm and a muscular 570 Nm of torque at 5,750 rpm. It has been intelligently packaged into the Vantage Roadster’s compact form to fully exploit the sports-orientated model’s ample natural agility.

The naturally-aspirated V12 provides high levels of power and torque yet it delivers a flexible, refined driving experience illuminated with the potential for truly electrifying performance. The 0-62 mph sprint is dispatched in just 4.5 seconds* while this most potent Aston Martin Roadster is capable of 190 mph*.

While the Roadster naturally shares much of the technical and specification features of the V12 Vantage Coupe, some elements are redesigned to take account of the Roadster’s neat packaging and engaging dynamics.

The V12 Vantage Roadster features a redesigned rear boot lid and lower front air intake to maintain a level of dynamic performance that’s fully in keeping with the V12 Coupe, while there are also a number of unique chassis revisions. These include a modified rear damper set-up, front and rear damper valve tuning and a new rear spring design.

These changes, in conjunction with Aston Martin’s use of Pirelli P Zero Corsa tyres, ensure the sports car delivers dramatic straight-line performance as well as outstanding handling.

Styled to be as beautiful as it is potent, the new Roadster boasts a number of eye-catching additions that underline its sporty characteristics. Carbon fibre side strakes; a carbon fibre front splitter and rear diffuser; carbon fibre mirror caps and carbon fibre rear lamp infills – plus the new forged alloy wheel design – should leave the sports car cognoscenti in no doubt that this is a truly exclusive Aston Martin.

At the rear, the boot lid on the V12 Vantage Roadster incorporates a more pronounced ‘flip’ to reduce rear lift and improve stability at high speeds. The V12’s diffuser houses a large, centre-mounted oil cooler and two large tail-pipe finishers.

As with the front splitter, the carbon fibre rear diffuser is hand-made to ensure the direction and consistency of the weave and ensure the best possible finish.

Inside, there are other distinguishing features that make the new car stand out from its illustrious siblings in the sought-after Aston Martin V8 Vantage and V12 Vantage line-up. Subtle additions such as the use of glass switches in the lower centre stack elevate yet further the luxurious ambience in the V12 Vantage Roadster cabin.

While for those seeking the ultimate in V12 Vantage Roadster personalisation, a package of interior trim comprising carbon fibre facia and carbon fibre gearshift surround is available.

Unique to the V12 Vantage and new V12 Vantage Roadster is the engine’s “Sport” mode button, which enables the driver to select between two different powertrain modes.

Normal mode is the default from start-up and provides not only a more relaxed throttle response but also a quieter, more refined exhaust note. This creates a more progressive throttle response, suited to ‘everyday’ situations such as when driving in heavy traffic.

Sport mode, meanwhile, is designed for use in more dynamic driving situations where sharper responses are required. It has a number of tangible effects on the powertrain including a sharper throttle response, with the engine delivering more torque during the early stages of throttle pedal travel. Exhaust system bypass valves are also kept open for longer to create a particularly sporty exhaust note.

Aston Martin Chief Executive Officer Dr Ulrich Bez said: “The V12 Vantage models are, first and foremost, driver’s cars – inviting and fully rewarding the driver’s full involvement.

“The addition to our range of this exceptional new Roadster allows the driver and passenger to experience full ‘sensory overload’ thanks to its outstanding performance.”

He added: “I believe no other car in this class offers the combination of the V12 Vantage Roadster’s prestige, six-speed manual gearbox and the unique enjoyment that driving a high performance convertible can deliver.”

Available to order in selected markets now, the new Aston Martin V12 Vantage Roadster is priced at £150,000 RRP in the UK.




– Two-door, two-seat layout
– VH bonded aluminium structure
– Aluminium, magnesium alloy, composite and steel body
– Extruded aluminium door side impact beams
– High Intensity Discharge headlamps (dipped beam)
– Halogen projector headlamps (main beam)
– LED rear lamps


– All-alloy quad overhead cam 48 valve 5,935cc V12
– Compression ratio 10.7:1
– Front mid-mounted engine, rear-wheel drive
– Fully-catalysed stainless steel exhaust system with active bypass valves
– 517 PS at 6,500 rpm
– 570 Nm at 5,750 rpm
– 0-62 mph (100 km/h): 4.5 seconds***
– Maximum speed: 190 mph*** (305 km/h***)


– Rear mid-mounted six-speed manual gearbox
– Alloy torque tube with carbon fibre prop shaft
– Limited-slip differential
– Final drive ratio 3.71:1


– Rack and pinion
– Column tilt and reach adjustment


– Length: 4,382mm
– Width: 2,022mm (including mirrors)
– Height: 1,256mm
– Wheelbase: 2,600mm
– Fuel Tank: 80ltrs
– Weight: 1,760kg***


– Front: Independent double wishbone incorporating anti-dive geometry, coil springs, anti-roll bar and monotube dampers
– Rear: Independent double wishbones with anti-squat and anti-lift geometry, dual-rate coil springs, anti-roll bar and monotube dampers

Wheels and tyres

– Front: 9J x 19” Pirelli P Zero Corsa 255/35 ZR19
– Rear: 11J x 19” Pirelli P Zero Corsa 295/30 ZR19
– Tyre repair kit


– Front: Ventilated carbon ceramic discs – 398 mm diameter with six-piston calipers
– Rear: Ventilated carbon ceramic discs – 360 mm diameter with four-piston calipers
– Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) with Track mode
– Anti-lock braking system (ABS)
– Electronic Brakeforce Distribution (EBD)
– Emergency Brake Assist (EBA)
– Traction Control

Standard equipment

– Glass switches
– Carbon fibre door pulls
– Leather trimmed steering wheel
– Memory seats and exterior mirrors (three positions)
– Sports seats with 10-way electric adjustment, including height, tilt and lumbar adjustment
– Dual Stage Driver and Passenger Front Airbags
– Side Airbags (Sports seats only)
– Heated rear screen
– Automatic temperature control
– Trip computer
– Cruise control
– Hard Disk Drive (HDD) satellite navigation system*
– Bluetooth telephone preparation*
– Powerfold exterior mirrors
– Rain-sensing wipers
– Rear parking sensors
– Automatic headlamps
– Auto-dimming interior rear view mirror
– Tyre pressure monitoring*
– Alarm and immobiliser
– Remote-control central door locking
– Battery disconnect switch
– Tracking device (UK only)
– 160W Aston Martin Audio System
– MP3 player connectivity

Optional equipment

– Carbon Fibre Interior Pack (comprising carbon fibre facia and gearshift surround)
– Lightweight seats with six-way adjustment, including front and rear height adjust (does not include side airbags or passenger airbag cut-off switch)
– 700W Aston Martin Premium Audio System with Dolby® Pro Logic II®
– Bang & Olufsen BeoSound 1000W Audio System
– Black Bang & Olufsen speaker grilles and acoustic lens towers
– Black finish grille
– Bright finish grille
– Black exhaust tailpipes
– Black bonnet and side strake meshes
– Personalised sill plaques
– Garage door opener (Europe only)
– Tracking device**
– First aid kit
– Ashtray and cigar lighter
– Boot-mounted umbrella
– Front parking sensors
– Reversing camera
– Heated seats (Sports seats only)
– ISOFIX and fixed-height passenger seat (Sports seat only)
– Battery conditioner

*Not available in all markets

**Complies with UK Thatcham Category 5 requirements. Excludes subscription. Standard in UK

***Predicted figures


Keri-anne Payne Reflects On Her Journey To The Games

Keri-anne Payne Reflects On Her Journey To The Games

Current world champion and Links of London Ambassador Keri-anne Payne will take to the water on Thursday as the favourite in the 10k open water event at the Serpentine, Hyde Park.

In her final moments of preparation before she comes under the spotlight, Keri-anne takes the time to reflect on her journey to London 2012.

Aside from the gruelling training and competition schedule that has honed Keri-anne’s talent in the open water event, the swimmer also acknowledges that the road to the Games couldn’t have happened without the support and inspiration from key figures in her life.

The video sees Keri-anne reveal her biggest supporters and the contribution they have made to her journey, including her mum, fiancé and fellow swimmer David Carry and her swimming team.

The nation can show their Genuine Belief in Keri-anne and other members of Team GB by wearing their Links of London Team GB Bands. Available in stores and online at

Felix Baumgartner completes final Red Bull Stratos test jump

Felix Baumgartner completes final Red Bull Stratos test jump

July 25, 2012, ROSWELL, NEW MEXICO:

Felix Baumgartner completes final Red Bull Stratos test jump from 96,640 ft. in Roswell, New Mexico
Final test jump sees Baumgartner execute a 3 minute, 48 second freefall jump reaching speeds of 536 mph / 862 kmh

Felix Baumgartner completed the final milestone remaining before he attempts to achieve his dream of becoming the first person to break the speed of sound in freefall. According to preliminary data, his test jump from a 5.3 million cubic-foot / 150,079 cubic-meter balloon achieved an altitude of over 96,640 feet / 29,455 meters, seeing Baumgartner execute a 3 minute, 48 second freefall jump reaching speeds of 536 mph / 862 kmh.

Baumgartner landed in a desert area of the U.S. state of New Mexico, just about 15 minutes by helicopter from his launch site at Roswell International Air Center. As the ecstatic team gathered in Mission Control to welcome his return, technical project director Art Thompson commented: “It’s hard not to get emotional about today. We are just so glad to have Felix back on the ground after a long week with significant weather challenges. The crew did a great job.”

The test launch was twice delayed due to thunderstorms, wind and rain. But the team of aerospace experts was never discouraged, well aware that even Space Shuttle launches sometimes faced several days of postponement. Baumgartner’s successful test is proof that patience pays off.

The balloon for Baumgartner’s final ascent will rise as tall as a skyscraper – requiring surface winds of no more than 4 miles / 6.5 kilometers per hour to avoid endangering its delicate plastic envelope. The date for the record jump is now subject to favourable weather conditions and critical post-jump assessments on the capsule and equipment.

Today’s successful test, with a balloon over four times as large as the one that carried the pilot at the first test flight in March, delivered new insights for the progress of the project and also new research data for the benefit of aerospace research.

Pending official data review and confirmation, the leap from over 96,640 feet / 29,455 meters takes Baumgartner past Russia’s Yevgeny Andreyev (83,523 feet / 25,458 meters) to make him only the second man to have successfully completed a jump from such an altitude. His planned freefall from 120,000 feet / 36,576 meters would finally break the record of 102,800 feet set 52 years ago by the only man who has jumped from a higher altitude, Baumgartner’s mentor Joe Kittinger.

Bentley single seater sets new world best for a Bentley

Bentley single seater sets new world best for a Bentley

Tim Birkin’s 4 ½ Litre Supercharged ‘Blower’ Bentley single seater sets new world best for a Bentley at Bonhams Goodwood auction
Beautiful Brooklands racing machine underlines enduring appeal of the ‘Bentley Boy’ racing spirit

(Crewe and Goodwood, 29 June 2012) Just 35 miles away from the fabled Brooklands race circuit where it astonished thousands of spectators eight decades ago by sprinting its way into the record books, Sir Henry ‘Tim’ Birkin’s dramatic 4 ½ Litre Supercharged ‘Blower’ single seat racing machine returned to record-breaking form by reaching a sale price of £4.5 million when auctioned by Bonhams at the Goodwood Festival of Speed today.

This new world-best for Birkin’s striking 240bhp supercharged red racer now outstrips the previous record by a Bentley at auction when the Speed Six known as ‘Old No 2’ achieved £2.8 million at the Le Mans Classic in 2004.

At its racing zenith and with the famously fearless and dashing ex-fighter pilot and Le Mans winner Birkin behind the wheel, this unique Bentley was one of the undoubted stars of the high-risk Outer Circuit at Brooklands.

In March 1932 Birkin set a record 137.96mph (219.93kmh) at Brooklands, a feat even a man renowned for pushing back the limits in motor sport would describe as hair-raising: “there are bumps which jolt the driver up and down in his seat and make the car leave the road and travel through the air,” said Birkin.

Commenting on the exploits of Birkin and his 4 ½ litre at Brooklands, Richard Charlesworth, Bentley’s Director of VIP and Royal Relations comments:

“Birkin along with his Bentley racing friends like Woolf Barnato, Dudley Benjafield and Glen Kidston were true sporting superstars, renowned not only for their driving ability and courage but living life to the full and in some considerable style. They would create the enduring legend of the Bentley Boy racer at Brooklands and Le Mans and this new record price for a Bentley achieved by Bonhams reflects the enduring respect and admiration for their story and their cars.”

The Dewarist Sessions Part 1

The Dewarist Sessions Part 1

International artists collaborate on new album, The Dewarist Sessions, Part 1

Dewar’s Scottish Whisky announces 3-year partnership with TED

Following a successful collaboration with TED in 2011 at TED Global and 2012 at TED Long Beach, Dewar’s are proud to announce a 3-year partnership with TED, launching at this year’s TED Global conference in Edinburgh, Scotland.
During the week of TED Global in Edinburgh from 25th-29th June, Dewar’s will be bringing together a unique collection of artists: acclaimed English duo Slow Club, Scottish singer songwriter and Mercury Prize nominee King Creosote, Indian folk rocker The Raghu Dixit Project, Ziggy Campbell from Scottish band FOUND, The Pictish Trail and Suhail Yusuf Khan from Advaita. Together, the artists will create an eclectic album entitled ‘The Dewarist Sessions, part 1′ over the course of the week.
PUMA® Unveils Plans For The PUMA YARD Brand Experience

PUMA® Unveils Plans For The PUMA YARD Brand Experience

PUMA® Unveils Plans For The PUMA YARD Brand Experience
In London At The Boiler House
On Brick Lane During The Global Games

PUMA’s Jamaican-Themed Destination Brings Free Entertainment,
Shopping and Sports Concept to Brick Lane, London for 17 Days and Nights

Herzogenaurach, Germany/Boston, Massachusetts – (19 June 2012) – Global sportlifestyle brand PUMA® announced today that The Boiler House, part of the Old Truman Brewery on Brick Lane in Shoreditch, East London, will be transformed into the PUMA YARD this summer to celebrate the global sporting events taking place this July and August in London.  For 17 days and nights during the Games, the Jamaican-themed PUMA YARD promises to be the ultimate destination, offering a convergence of sports, music and lifestyle activities that will deliver a one-of-a-kind fan experience.  PUMA is the long-term partner of the Jamaica Olympic Association and the Jamaica Track & Field team including the World’s Fast Man, 3 time Olympic gold medal winner Usain Bolt.

“From PUMA Social parties to amazing live music acts to sports viewing and sports events for aspiring athletes and After Hours Athletes, alike, the PUMA YARD caters to anyone wanting to enjoy the Games with a cool drink in a relaxed Jamaican atmosphere,” said Franz Koch, CEO of PUMA SE.  “We intend to be the hottest spot in London this summer.”

“Given its relevance and its standing as an iconic and cultural area of London, Brick Lane was the ideal location for PUMA YARD,” said Tony Ward, General Manager of PUMA UK.  “PUMA YARD, like PUMA, will be the perfect mix of sport and lifestyle to help Londoners get to know all that the brand stands for and its rich Jamaican heritage.”


Free to the public and open from Friday, July 27 to Sunday August 12, 2012, the 479,160 square foot PUMA YARD comprises an indoor PUMA Social Club and an outdoor BACK YARD.  The BACK YARD, which can accommodate 500 guests at a time, will feature Kingston-inspired food stalls serving authentic Jamaican cuisine, a Beach Bar with refreshing island libations, music and entertainment, recreational areas, giant TV screens so fans can cheer on the athletes and the PUMA Speed Test where consumers can test their speed against the record setting 9.58 dash of the World’s Fastest Man, Usain Bolt.

Also situated within the BACK YARD is the PUMA QUAD, a retail space built from four 40-foot shipping containers, featuring a multi-level shopping experience complete with a rooftop deck bar. Visitors can score exclusive PUMA YARD lifestyle-performance products, Usain Bolt-inspired trainers, and Summer Games fan wear designed exclusively for PUMA by Cedella Marley, daughter of reggae legend Bob Marley.

Adjoining the BACK YARD is the indoor PUMA Social Club, a shared social space with capacity for another 500 guests where PUMA will host events and everyone-can-join fantivities like foosball and ping-pong. This Kingston-cool lounge pays homage to the “After Hours Athlete” who finds inspiration in social competitions among friends, rather than hardcore sporting endeavours. The PUMA Social Club at the PUMA YARD is a continuation of the popular Social Clubs that PUMA has launched in major cities all over the globe, from Abu Dhabi to New York to Tokyo to Paris and beyond, celebrating the “After Hours Athlete.”  A VIP section within this PUMA Social Club will serve as a special hospitality space for executives and VIPs.

PUMA YARD doors open each day at 12:00 noon for the afternoon session and at 19:00 each evening for the evening session. Admission is free but advance ticketing is required.  To get in on the action, fans must visit and register for access. Digital tickets can be printed from home or scanned from a smart phone at the point of entry. Registration begins today, June 19, 2012.

Music at PUMA YARD

During the 17 days of operation, PUMA YARD will host a list of DJs, Club nights as well as live performances sure to get the crowd on their feet.

Headlining the grand opening of the PUMA YARD, just in time for the Games’ Opening Ceremonies on July 27 is the talent of London based electronic dance music heavyweights Groove Armada. Groove Armada, fronted by Andy Cato and Tom Findlay, are sure to set the stage ablaze. The band will play an exclusive DJ set at the Yard and set the tone for things to come.

Another major act will take the stage on Jamaica Independence Day, August 6, when PUMA YARD welcomes Jamaican born reggae artist Gyptian.  Gyptian’s “Hold Yuh” album and the title track have received critical acclaim globally.  His home-grown, yet globally-infused reggae sounds are the perfect way to honor the 50thyear of Jamaica’s independence.

The PUMA YARD party reaches a final crescendo on August 11 and 12, with big blow-out performances from amongst others, the inimitable Professor Green. After exploding in the music industry with his current, double Gold-selling album, At Your Inconvenience Professor Green has become a household name. He has appeared at major festivals, performed on the X-factor and had a list of chart-topping singles and albums.  Professor Green is also a brand ambassador for PUMA and collaborates with the sportlifestyle company on a number of different projects.

Additional artists will be announced on and consumers can stay up to date by becoming a fan on or follow the happenings via twitter at the @PUMA Twitter feed and use #PUMAYARD for any Tweets about PUMA YARD.

Rebecca Adlington Begins Final Olympic Countdown

Rebecca Adlington Begins Final Olympic Countdown

Double Olympic swimming Champion
Rebecca Adlington prepares to defend
her 400m and 800m freestyle titles

Double Olympic Champion Rebecca Adlington has entered her final training phase as she prepares to defend her 400m and 800m freestyle titles in London next month.

The Mansfield swimmer has been in excellent form all year. She qualified for Team GB in impressive style at the British Gas Swimming Championships at the London Aquatics Centre in March, setting the fastest time in the world this year for the 800m freestyle with a mark of 8:18.54. She’s also ranked second fastest in the world for 400m freestyle with a time of 4:02.35 set in March.

In the Barcelona leg of the Mare Nostrum series on 2nd June, Adlington won gold in the Women’s 800m Freestyle with an assured performance and a championship record of 8:19.86.

Adlington will compete in the 200m freestyle at the British Gas ASA National Championships in Sheffield on 20th June where she is expected to set a time to put herself in contention for a 4x200m freestyle relay spot. She has already ruled herself out of competing in the individual event in London.

Though Britain’s top swimmer has secured both her individual slots for London, there are still 14 places up for grabs in 11 different swimming events at the British Gas ASA National Championships.

Adlington has been chatting about her hopes and preparations ahead of this summer’s challenge, the contenders in the final battle for qualification in Sheffield and who to watch London next month.

Here Come The Girls

Here Come The Girls

GB’s water stars reveal stunning new images
showcasing some of Britain’s top aquatic talent ahead of the summer.

Some of our best hopes for swimming glory this summer have gathered for a stylish photoshoot in a bid to urge Britain to support them in their quest for gold.

Amy Smith, Caitlin McClatchey, Keri-anne Payne, Georgia Davies and Jemma Lowe teamed up to produce the striking images, which show that Britain’s best aquatic talent is ready for the challenge ahead.

With just months to go, our swimmers are encouraging the nation to show its support for the British swimming teams as they prepare for the biggest competition of their careers.

The glamorous girls are also doing their bit to inspire fans to take a dip themselves this summer.

As part of the British Gas ‘Free Swims for Britain’ campaign, those who sign up to support the teams will be able to take the plunge for free in more than 700 pools, in leisure centres, health clubs and hotels across the country.

Free Swims for Britain runs until 30th August 2012. For further information and to book your free swims go to

Britain’s Swimming Stars turn GB Superheroes

Britain’s Swimming Stars turn GB Superheroes

It’s a new dawn for Britain’s aquatic superstars as

leading athletes from each of the six disciplines

gather for a stunning new photoshoot.

Some of our biggest medal hopes have been transformed into superheroes in a bid to urge Britain to support their quest for home glory at this summer’s games.

Swimmer Rebecca Adlington, open water swimmer Keri-anne Payne, diver Tom Daley, water polo captain Fran Leighton, disability swimmer Sascha Kindred and synchronised swimmer Katie Dawkins teamed up to produce a stunning image, which shows that Britain’s best aquatic talent is ready for the challenge ahead.

With just months to go, our superheroes are encouraging the nation to show its support for the British swimming teams as they prepare for the biggest competition of their careers.

As part of the British Gas ‘Free Swims for Britain’ campaign, those who sign up to support the teams will be able to take the plunge for free in more than 700 pools, in leisure centres, health clubs and hotels across the country.

Free Swims for Britain runs from 13th April to 30th August 2012. For further information and to book your free swims go to

Iwan Thomas takes on the first ever Tough Mudder UK event in Kettering

Iwan Thomas takes on the first ever Tough Mudder UK event in Kettering

Former 400m Commonwealth champion takes on 12 miles of earth, wind and fire as a member of Team Dyno-Rod

Former 400m Commonwealth Champion Iwan Thomas today takes part in the inaugural Tough Mudder event in the UK.

Sponsored by Dyno-Rod the drain’s experts, Tough Mudder UK sees the teams that enter the event run through water, wind and fire en route to the finish line. Tough Mudder events place an emphasis on teamwork rather than finishing times, and entrants are encouraged to help their fellow “Mudders” along the 12 mile, army-style assault course to build a spirit of camaraderie amongst competitors

Today’s debut event takes place at the Boughton House and Estate, outside Kettering in Northamptonshire with further UK events scheduled for Drumlanrig Castle, Scotland in July and the Cholmondeley Estate, Cheshire in November. Prospective participants and spectators can find out more by visiting the Dyno-Rod Tough Mudder Facebook page at:

The first Tough Mudder event was held in Pennsylvania in 2010 and the series has been so popular that events are currently scheduled to take place in the USA, Australia, Canada and the UK in 2012. Countries including France, Japan, South Africa, Sweden and Germany have also already expressed an interest in bringing Tough Mudder to their shores in 2013.