Human Work Makes For Happy Workers

Human Work Makes For Happy Workers:

It started at the rental car turn-in location.
My friend is a "platinum" member with Hertz-who offers a great benefit I discovered when the rental agencies are a considerable distance from the terminal.
Hertz provided a shuttle bus to the lot for people to pick out their cars. Our shuttle bus driver grinned as she slid into the driver's seat and said she could hardly wait for school to begin. Turns out she's also a school bus driver and with her seniority, she gets to pick her route.
Her passion: autistic children. "I just love 'em," she grinned. "I get them again this year."
Fascinating. Sincere. And difficult.

We stopped to grab a bite of lunch before long flights.
The waitress excitedly nodded when we ordered the cashew chicken sandwich. "It's our new menu. We just got it yesterday.
That's a great choice!" She grinned and gave us a two-thumbs up signal.
I don't know about you, but I rarely get service help excited by a menu.
It was as if SHE personally made the sandwich.
Fascinating. Sincere. And standing on your feet all day-difficult.

At an adjacent Frontier airlines gate, I asked where my plane was and how come no representative was at the gate. "Listen," she laughed, "it's also my gate. I can do amazing things. Watch how quick I get this plane loaded. I'll do the same for yours. You'll see." I did. It's almost 6pm on a Sunday night and folks are cranky and tired. Not my gate attendant. True to her word, she efficiently started the process AND took time to actually read every boarding pass and call the passenger by name. She patted my arm when I went through. "See, Eileen. Told you I could do this."
Fascinating. Sincere. And the job of a gate agent is difficult-very difficult.

My seatmate was a young man, a rotating guidance counselor for grades 6-12 in the Costa Mesa, CA school district. "There aren't many men in my line of work-and particularly men of color," he remarked offhandedly. "DO you like what you do?" I asked. His eyes opened wide and he offered a wide smile. "I love it. I really feel like I am making a difference. So many of these kids have no one to talk to-no one to model the right behavior." He proceeded to tell me a series of stories that would break your heart. "It's when they come back after they leave school that is most rewarding. You just never know if what you say today will suddenly click in years later."
Fascinating. Sincere. And difficult-very, VERY difficult.

In each instance, the joy came from how each connected with another human being.
It was the CONNECTION that made the difference.
Not the money. Not the title. The eyes staring at each other. The hands reaching out to help.
Fascinating. Sincere. And maybe-with deliberate intent we could try it.
Might NOT be all that difficult.

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How to Submit Podcasts to iTunes Music Store

How to Submit Podcasts to iTunes Music Store
By Sharon Houlsey

Here are some helpful tips regarding how to get your podcasts listed in the 
iTunes Music Store...

iTunes Compatibility

In order to have your podcast included in the iTunes Music Store, you must first 
add the iTunes "extension" to your RSS feed. This means that you will need to 
modify the RSS feed for your podcast or videocast so that it includes tags that 
are specific to iTunes. You can use software such as FeedForAll (see ) to automatically add the additional iTunes fields 
and encode the podcast feed for you. There is also a tutorial available that 
will walk you through setting up an iTunes-compatible podcast (see ).

Once you have added the additional iTunes tags, transfer the feed to your server 
using FTP.

Validate And Test The Feed

If you are manually creating the feed, you should validate the feed to make sure 
that it is properly formatted. Most programs for feed creation, like FeedForAll, 
have a built-in validator that will alert you to any problems or issues with the 

Once you have validated the RSS feed, you should subscribe to the RSS feed via 
your own RSS reader, just to see what your subscribers will be seeing, and to 
make sure there are no errors or problems.

Submit The RSS Feed URL To ITMS (iTunes Music Store)

The next step is to submit the RSS feed URL to the Apple iTunes Music Store. 
There are two ways to accomplish this task:

1. Launch the iTunes Music Store.

    a. Click ‘Music Store’ in the left navigation column and enter the Music 
Store page.

    b. Once on the Music Store page, in the left navigation column, click on the 
"Podcasts" link to go to the podcasts page.

    c. In the left column of the Podcasts page, click on the ‘Submit a Podcast 
link’ button.


2. If you already have iTunes on your computer, you can use the following URL to 
submit podcasts or videocasts directly to the iTunes Music Store:

Shortly after your submission, you will receive a confirmation that Apple has 
received the submission. It will be sent to the email address in your iTunes 
account. After the podcast is accepted into the iTunes directory, you will 
receive a second email notice that includes the URL for your podcast as listed 
on iTunes. Click the URL in the email and make sure your podcast appears as you 
want it to the iTunes directory.

Example of Podcasts/Videocasts in iTunes directory:

When you update the podcast and add new items, the additional episodes will 
appear in the iTunes Music Store.

About the Author:
Sharon Housley manages marketing for FeedForAll 
software for creating, editing, publishing RSS feeds and podcasts. In addition 
Sharon manages marketing for RecordForAll audio 
recording and editing software.

Admitting Our Schnozzles

A humorous story has it that many years ago a soldier was sentenced
to be flogged. As if something hilarious were about to happen, he
chuckled as they led him away and laughed uproariously throughout
the whipping.

When the painful punishment finally ended, the officer in charge
demanded, "What's so funny about a flogging? I don't think it's a

"Why, the joke's on you," smiled the soldier. "I'm the wrong man!"

I know I wouldn't laugh about a flogging, but I'd like to take
myself a little less seriously. Like the Amish man who was driving
his horse-drawn carriage down a modern American street. The Amish,
of course, live and dress simply and shun most modern technology. So
he must have known he cut an odd figure on the busy thoroughfare.
But he had a sense of humor. Affixed to the back of his carriage was
a hand lettered sign that read, "Energy efficient vehicle. Runs on
oats and grass. Caution: Do not step on exhaust."

This man may have taken his beliefs seriously. And he may have taken
his work seriously. But he didn't take himself too seriously. I
believe that's key.

I think that comedian Jimmy Durante got it right. Durante was known
for his prominent nose and often referred to it in his comedy
sketches. In a moment of seriousness, he once said, "It dawned on me
that as long as I could laugh, I was safe from the world; and I have
learned since that laughter keeps me safe from myself, too. All of
us have schnozzles that are ridiculous in one way or another; if not
in our faces, then in our characters, minds or habits. When we admit
our schnozzles, instead of defending them, we begin to laugh and the
world laughs with us."

I don't always have the courage to admit my schnozzles; to laugh at
my short-comings. I am something of an expert at hiding them. But I
do know one thing: if I want to laugh at my foibles, there is plenty
of good material at hand. And I also know that when I get better at
it, I'll find myself living a happier and healthier life.

Steve Goodier [email protected] is a professional
speaker, consultant and author of numerous books. Visit his site for
more information, or to sign up for his FREE newsletter of Life,
Love and Laughter at<

Keeping the Peace

Do you remember the famous feud between the Hatfields and the
McCoys? A squabble started between these families in the states of
Kentucky and West Virginia during the American Civil War. After the
war, the feud was kept alive by disputes over a fiddle worth $1.75
and a stray razorback hog.

According to Stan Mooneyham, "Dancing on The Strait & Narrow," by
Election Day 1882 the situation deteriorated to the point that three
McCoy brothers killed Ellison Hatfield because he had insulted them.
"Devil Anse," head of the Hatfield clan, had the three McCoys
rounded up and tied to bushes within sight of their family cabin;
then he put fifty rifle bullets into them. After that it was a life
for a life -- sometimes two or three -- and even the women became
just part of the body count. Hostilities didn't finally abate until
the second decade of the twentieth century. The cost to those two
families was immense. Almost thirty deaths were recorded in the most
famous example of eye-for-an-eye revenge in U.S. history.

You've seen this scene in the movies: a rugged cowboy pats his
pearl-handled six-shooter in a holster hanging from his hip and
drawls, "This here is my peacemaker." Peacemaker? Maybe widow-maker.
Or  orphan-maker. The problem is, shooting people is not a good way
to peace. It's a little like the father who, while spanking his
child, said, almost in cadence with each slap, "HOW MANY TIMES HAVE
I TOLD YOU NOT TO HIT YOUR SISTER!" Gotta love the irony.

If force and violence can't bring peace out of chaos, what can? What
does it take to make peace? And to keep it?

The answer is clear. Peacemakers are not weapons -- peacemakers are
people. You and I. Peacemakers are people with hearts for
reconciliation and understanding. In our families; with our
neighbors; around the world.

Level-headed and patient people have always been the best hope for a
lasting and just peace. That is the only way it has ever worked.

Perhaps that's why peacemakers are call blessed.

Steve Goodier [email protected] is a professional
speaker, consultant and author of numerous books. Visit his site for
more information, or to sign up for his FREE newsletter of Life,
Love and Laughter at<>

Forum Etiquette

By Sharon Housley

The Internet has become a highly interactive medium. In order to participate in
discussion forums and newsgroups, it is important to be familiar with standard
and accepted Internet forum etiquette. Here are some tips to help make your
forum participation more productive and beneficial...

1. Terms-Of-Service

Read the forum rules and terms-of-service before you begin posting. This way,
you can avoid having your "introduction" to the forum being an accidental
breaking of a rule or other misconduct.

2. Worthy Comments

Don't simply post "I agree" in response to something already posted. If you are
going to participate, make the effort to add something extra to the
conversation. Provide details, and know what you are talking about. Other
participants will welcome posts that contain additional and valuable

3. Notification

If you participate in a conversation, make an effort to follow the conversation
through. If you don't plan to monitor the group regularly, try to use an email
notification feature if available, or subscribe to an RSS feed of the group. It
will seem rude if someone asks a question about something you posted, and you
are not around to respond with an answer. Follow any threads that you have
posted to.

4. Signature

Include a signature on all your posts. If you include links in your signature,
take advantage of controlling the anchor text for those links. This is
particularly important in forums that provide "dofollow" links. This will help
your overall search marketing strategy.

5. Avoid Spam

Participants will not welcome forum spam. Provide valuable, respectful comments,
and avoid the temptation to post blatant commercial messages that simply hype
and promote your products and services.

6. Post In The Proper Forums

Most discussion groups are organized by specific topics or subjects, so make the
effort to post in the forum most appropriate for your subject. Moderators may
become frustrated if you consistently open threads in the wrong forum. If you
are unsure of where a certain topic might belong, contact the forum moderator
and ask which forum would be most appropriate.

7. Apologize For Mistakes

If a post is perceived as spam and deleted, or posted in the wrong forum and
moved, you should apologize to the moderator right away. Believe it or not, an
apology for an accidental inappropriate post can go a long way in getting back
into the moderator's good graces.

8. Regular Participation

Try to post in forums on a regular basis. Create a routine for the forums you
monitor, so that participation is regular and routine instead of sporadic and

9. Proper Grammar And Punctuation

Forums are not nearly the same as instant messaging systems! It is important
that forum messages contain proper capitalization, spelling, grammar, and

10. Understand The Culture

Understand the culture of the forum before you begin posting. It is often best
to observe the forum for a short while, in order to gain an understanding of the
forums unwritten rules, and what the community will allow and not allow.

11. Humor Does Not Always Translate

Keep in mind that, like email, forums are a flat medium, and communication can
often be misconstrued. Humor may not always go over well because it may not be
understood, or even be clear that it is humor. Forums often have an
international audience, and you will not want to alienate fellow posters by
posting something that may be funny to you, but insulting or indecent in another

12. Avoid Sensitive Subjects

If you are posting in a professional business forum, avoid subjects that are
controversial. The Internet is global in scope, and there will likely be forum
participants that have a differing view point or perspective than yours. Stick
to safe subjects, so that your personal opinions on controversial or sensitive
subjects don't alienate your potential customers.

Forum participation can help establish you within an industry. Follow the above
guidelines to make the most of your forum participation.

About the Author:
Sharon Housley manages marketing for FeedForAll
software for creating, editing, publishing RSS feeds and podcasts. In addition
Sharon manages marketing for RecordForAll audio
recording and editing software.

Get A Cruise Job Before Winter

Get A Cruise Job Before Winter

Hot, sunny days and white, sandy beaches.

Getting away from freezing, boring, snowy winters, what

could be more encouraging to get a cruise job? We know what

is around the corner when summer is a distant memory for the

northern hemisphere as the leaves change colours. Is there

any technique to ensure a position on board before the snow


Over the holiday periods there are extra jobs onboard over

the holiday according to the myth. This is wrong. Not only

the holiday periods, but most cruise ships also cruise at

full capacity over the year. An exception to this is due to

the number of kids onboard most family cruise lines, they

employ tons of youth. To get your foot in the door for this

type of cruise job for a probable full time year round job

this equates to a very good opportunity when it comes

available. A number of other vacancies are related to the

launching of new cruise ships. For example, Royal Caribbean

needed approximately 1,650 crew members when Allure of the

Seas was launched. For 2011, an additional 7,000 cruise jobs

will be required for new ships. For those just beginning

their hunt and for those that have been looking a job on a

ship for some time now, always keep in mind that there are

ALWAYS positions available.

For employment on cruise ships, do you think you are over

qualified? In order to just get hired, should you tone down

your experience? With your experience-packed resume, what

are employers considering when they read it? Recently, this

person explained, “For almost a year now without one

interview, I have been applying for various jobs.” And we

were asked this question, “Is it likely that I am too

qualified and cruise lines simply overlook me?”

For starters, cruise applicants should first ask themselves

a couple of questions before getting discouraged. Have you

been consistently following up on your application? Have you

been sending your resume to particular hiring managers? If

the answer is yes, then it’s time to re-look at your resume

and cover letter again. If their work experience and

education go beyond what are required, it may be a question

mark for a potential employer and this is what cruise

applicants need to understand. Being over qualified is the

same as age discrimination because it may be interpreted

that you do not fit in with the existing position. I takes

more than a great resume and cover letter landing your dream

job it also takes perseverance. Keep following up, once you

apply – these are the types of job seekers who land the job!

Now’s the right time, before the snow flies.

About the Author:

Neil Maxwell-Keys is an ex-crew member, hiring expert and

best-selling author of “Get a Cruise Ship Job!” Claim Neil’s

popular free book TODAY which shows you how to get cruise

ship jobs, quickly & easily.

Available at:

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Is Your Job Search Taking Longer Than It Should

Is Your Job Search Taking Longer Than It Should?

What does it cost you to be unemployed? Taking into account

lost wages and the many added expenses associated with job

hunting, plus the fact that even the fastest job searches

generally take at least a few months from start to job

offer, it is not too hard to believe that each bout of

unemployment will cost you many thousands of dollars. With

this figure in mind, if you could shorten your job search

by a few weeks – maybe even just a few days – I think you’ll

agree that the effort would be well worth it.

First impressions are important to a successful job search

and your resume is often the way that an employer first

gets to know you. Is your resume creating the first

impression that you want it to create? Is your resume

working for you and generating phone calls and interviews?

Or, is your resume working against you, actually extending

your job search and costing you money?

Especially when the job market is competitive, unemployment

is high, and job openings are few , you can’t take the

chance of wasting even a single opportunity. If your resume

isn’t working for you as hard as it could be, it is time to

revise it.

A first-rate, standout resume that is appropriately

focused, highlights your past achievements, and

demonstrates how hiring you will be a better investment than

hiring your competitors will stand out and win you those

coveted interviews. The more interviews you go on, the more

job offers you will receive, the sooner you will have your

dream job and start bringing in regular paychecks. Isn’t

that more enticing than sinking what money you do have

down the ever-increasing whirlpool of the drain with a

second-rate resume?

If you want better, stronger results in your job search,

you must overhaul your resume. Think carefully about what

the employer is seeking in a candidate. Do they want a

candidate who will grow their sales? Do they need a

candidate who knows how to decrease costs? Are they

looking for a candidate to refine processes for them and

heighten efficiency? Maybe they need a combination of all

these things? Whatever the answer, be certain that your

resume emphasizes past achievements that show how you have

done these things in the past. This is proof to the employer

that you can do the same for him in the future.

While there are some people who are able to develop their

own resume, and create a document that is truly powerful,

compelling, and effective, the vast majority of job hunters

would be better off seeking the assistance of a professional

resume writer. If you have any doubts about the power of

your resume, or any doubts about your ability to develop a

results-generating resume, don’t hesitate to consult with a

professional resume writer. In virtually all cases, the

investment you make in having your resume professionally

written will pay you back many times over with a much

faster and more successful job search.

About the Author:

Michelle Dumas runs of one of the longest-standing and most

respected professional resume writing firms on the internet.

Since 1996, Michelle and her team have empowered thousands of

professionals with resumes and job search strategies that get

results and win jobs fast. Get insider resume writing tips

that you won’t find anywhere else, example resumes, and more

articles like this one at her website. Go now to

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How a Prenuptial Contract Can Provide Security

How a Prenuptial Contract Can Provide Security

A prenuptial agreement is an insurance policy against the

breakup of your impending marriage. It should be viewed the

same if you were taking out life insurance or income

protection. It is made with the aim of both parties

protecting their personal assets and thus protecting

themselves and their loved ones.

In order to be valid a prenup agreement must be formed

before the wedding. It is also advisable it is signed no

later than 21 days to the wedding, lest it be decreed by the

courts that one of the couple was “forced” to sign while

under duress.

The concept of the prenup is that it protects the assets

that the couple took individually into the relationship.

This offers security to those who may have taken the biggest

amount of wealth and property into relationship. Where

without a prenup the assets would be split 50/50 between the

two parties, with a prenup the party bringing in most the

assets would then retain those assets.

Any assets acquired during the marriage will also be

accounted if the event of a divorce. The prenup can state

that those producing the largest amount of wealth can hold

onto it if the marriage ends.

A prenuptial agreement can also consider any children that

the parties bring into the marriage at the start. The

prenuptial contract can decide which of the children gets

what should the couple divorce.

While the prenuptial contract does have offer a large degree

of security as to the protection of assets following a

divorce, strictly speaking, they are not enforceable under

English law. Nevertheless, looking at the recent publicised

case of Radmacher, it shows that although unenforceable, the

English courts are considering the content of a prenup more

and more. Because of this legal uncertainty it is essential

that prenups are drawn up correctly in order not to be

thrown out by the courts.

Although there is no strict legal requirement that a

prenuptial agreement be drafted by solicitor it is strongly

advisable. An experienced solicitor will use proper drafting

techniques to ensure that the agreement has been drawn up

properly and therefore lessen the chances that one party can

challenge it at a later date. The will make sure that the

agreement follows the purpose for which it was intended –

provide the added security of protected personal assets in

the event of a divorce.

About the Author:

Tim Bishop is senior partner at Bonallack & Bishop, a firm of

solicitors who deal with UK Prenuptial Contracts

( ). If you need some

help and advice about making a UK pre-nuptial contract then

contact one of their experienced lawyers today. Tim is

responsible for all major strategic decisions, seeing

himself as a businessman who owns a law firm. Tim has

expanded the firm by 1000% in 13 years and has plans for its

continued development.

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Are Garment Steamers Worth The Investment

Are Garment Steamers Worth The Investment?

Not too long ago garment steamers were were used almost

exclusively by dry cleaners, tailor shops or clothing stores

for quickly pressing clothes. I can remember buying a sports

jacket at the local men’s store years ago. Although he

jacket fit right off of the rack it was rather wrinkled so

the tailor took it into the back room and came out with it

perfectly pressed. When I asked how he did that so quickly

he said he had a garment steamer in the back room.

Back then I didn’t know what a garment steamer was, however,

I could only imagine that they quite were expensive and

cumbersome. Today, garment steamers are affordable,

versatile, easy to work with and available for you to have

in your home. You may wonder if it is worth having a garment

steamer at home, after all, you probably already have a steam

iron to iron your clothes. Why would you need a garment

steamer? Because an iron is not as versatile as a garment

steamer and it will not do all the tasks around your home

that a garment steamer can do.

In addition to getting the wrinkles out of your clothes your

garment steamer will also disinfect and sanitize your clothes

at the same time. You would be surprised, and I imagine

pleased, at some of the other tasks it can perform.

I’m sure you have heard about the national outbreak of bed

bugs. With the current outbreak of bed bugs do you worry

about picking up bed bugs while traveling and staying in

hotels. Your garment steamer will not only kill any bed bugs

you may have on your clothes but you can use your garment

steamer to steam clean your suit case, your coats or jackets

and anything else you may have taken on your trip.

In addition to clothes, your garment steamer can be used in

many other areas of your home. You can disinfect and

sanitize your mattresses with your garment steamer. This

will eliminate bed bugs, fleas, flea larvae and other

allergens including dust mites that may bother your


Garment steamers can also be use to remove the wrinkles from

curtains and drapes while they are on your windows. This

would also eliminate any bed bugs, dust mites and other

allergens hiding in your curtains or drape. Allergens such

as dust mites as well as bed bugs, fleas and flea larvae

like to hide in curtains and drapes.

The upholstery on your furniture is another good place to

use your garment cleaner. Not only will it remove wrinkles

your garment steamer will remove odors and give your entire

room a fresher, cleaner smell. Your garment steamer also can

eliminate bed bugs, fleas and allergens like dust mites that

may be living and thriving in your furniture.

As you can see, garment steamers have come a long way in

recent years. And they have become more affordable making it

more realistic to have a garment steamer in your home to keep

so many things clean, fresh and wrinkle free. It may be time

for you to consider having a garment steamer in your home.

About the Author:

Barry Hall has worked with steam cleaners for more than 10

years and has experienced the benefits of cleaning,

disinfecting and sanitizing your home or business with a

steam cleaner. Incorporating a steam cleaner into your

cleaning routine can help eliminate germs, allergens,

bacteria, mold and mildew while eliminating bed bugs and

fleas. Please visit for

more information.

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5 Steps To Success In The New Year

5 Steps To Success In The New Year It is time to make that New Year’s Resolution list. Most of us look forward to new and exciting changes in the new year coming up. Few of us know how to achieve them. We berate ourselves for not being more disciplined instead of setting up a plan for success.Spend some time thinking about what your world looks like with the new You. Stay in the now though, don’t wander off into fantasy.If your personality drives people away, figure out why.Perhaps you just need a new group of friends. Comb the local Internet sites for interesting groups to join. Learn new skills at the local community college. Join a weight watchers group, Toast Masters, yoga session, chess club, or a spiritual group. Find a support group that matches your new vision.If you think you are unique, guess again. Someone else fights the same battle. If you live in a small community reach out to an online group. A faceless community allows you to express yourself without putting your courage on the line.Somewhere in the deepest part of yourself there is a desire that can transform your life. Release the fear of it. Allow it to surface. Examine it. Write it down. Define the up side and downside of each desire.If being a successful writer ranks high on the list, find out what is required. First, define “success” as you see it.If being published ranks first, success is right around the corner. This desire becomes a fantasy if making money is the only motivator. The prominent authors you see on the book shelves write two novels a year to actually make enough from book sales to label it “making money.” Yet new writers are published every day.On the other hand, being an Olympian skier at the age of 50may fall into the realm of fantasy depending on your dedication and current skill levels. However, in the Wiitm world of virtual reality this happens. Compete at any age.Pick up your gold metal right in your own neighborhood.World-wide fame, TV commercials, and pundit assignments …maybe not, but success by your measure.If world peace is your goal for the new year, know that it only happens one person at a time. You make a change and that affects everyone in your environment. It becomes a ripple effect that circles the globe.Your New Year’s Resolution could mean just accepting yourself and defining the attributes that make you a great person. What makes this wonderful person lonely,undisciplined, shy, disagreeable, rude, or judgmental.Accept the things you cannot change and work on the rest of the challenges. Take the best of yourself and enhance those attributes until they shine in the dark.1. Be honest with yourself. In one column list five things that you sense are life-changing. In another column rate that choice from 1 to 5, five being the most important.2. Understand that only one desire of the five on the list is destined to survive the year.3. Create the path to success. No wishful thinking allowed.4. Reward yourself at different milestones along the way.5. Celebrate success at any level of accomplishment.Make the New Year a joyful experience. Love it and live it.Meet a new friend. Make a change. It’s always up to you.About the Author:For more life-changing information for success in the New Year, visit the author’s E-Book website,

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Bad Habits Resulting in Low Work Efficiency

Bad Habits Resulting in Low Work Efficiency

Bad Habits Resulting in Low Work Efficiency

By: erika

If you want to improve your work efficiency, you should not only find out the good habits which can improve your work efficiency but also find out the obstacles in the way of work. Those bad habits may have become part of your life, and you cannot even notice the existence of them. In this article, I will talk about some common bad habits in our daily work.

1. Absence

Woody Ellen once referred, “Success is from 80% of attendance…”Attendance is one the most major but easiest factors to success in your daily life, in your work and to your healthy. If you want to improve your health condition, you should attend the activities held in the gyms. Maybe the weather is so bad that you don’t want to go the gyms. But if you stick to taking exercises in such terrible days, you will definitely have a better figure than just coiled yourselves up in the sofa. This concept can also be extended to other fields of life. For instance, if you persist in writing or painting, your skills will be improved as soon as possible. If you attend more parties, you will make more friends or you may meet your sweethearts quickly. Instead, you are absent, you may lose lots of opportunities.

2. Dilatoriness

There are three ways to get rid of being dilatory in doing your work.

1) You can try to begin with the most complicated task or the most important work at the beginning of a new day. You will always be energetic and efficient while doing the work in the day. 

2) You should divide your task into parts. Focus on the first part while dealing with the first part, then you may continue to do the next part.

3) Try to use psychology suggestive methods.

3. Unnecessary worries

People may take too much into account instead of take actions to do something to put it into practice. However, it is just a waste of time to consider too much. Obsession of thinking is just another expression of fiddling about. Instead, you should try to put the idea into practice before considering every factors related to it. There is no perfect time to do one task since the perfect time never comes. You will be deeply obsessed in your thoughts and find it difficult to take action. In fact, you should stop thinking and do what you should do now.    

4. Negative attitudes

When you are filled with negative attitudes towards work and life, your enthusiasm will be extremely hit. You will find everything around is full of mistakes and problems. However, those so called problems do not exist at all. Facing this problem, you should train yourselves to do with the work with a postive attitude. 

If you can get rid of those bad habits gradually, your work efficiency will be highly improved.

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Article Source: Habits Resulting in Low Work Efficiency

Bad Habits Resulting in Low Work Efficiency

Get that dream job

Getting the best job out there!

by Sheryl

Everyone these days is looking for that dream job and if you are also someone who wants to get well paid, then you will need to look into getting some Careers Advice.

The jobs and careers info that you will be in for will help you see the bigger picture and this can open the doors to many possible careers, so that the present situation that you may be dealing with now, possibly being unemployed and needing money, will be just a bad memory of the past.

You should know that there are a lot of places that you can consider if you are looking for good job advice. What you will actually need to find, is something called “Career development” and by looking into this, you will be able to make a plan which will in the end make sure that you will find the right job. This process involves getting as much employment information as you can, for you will be making use of it a lot in your attempt to get that job. Below, you will find some of the steps that you will need to take.

1. The first thing you will need to consider is getting a career assessment test, for this way, you will be able to see which job will fit you the best. There are many places that you could look into and have this test taken, so make sure that you do good research on the internet beforehand. There are many companies that you can find online to put out these tests for you and you will certainly need to look at the most popular ones and choose the one that suits you the best.

2. In step two, you will need to be patient and dedicate some time into exploring the best job openings that you can find. Choosing the one that fits you the best, usually means that you will do well in that job rather than taking a position unsuited to you. And everyone knows that if you choosing a job that will let you do what you love most, you will to love it even more and not get bored at work like many people get. 3. This is the final step and at this point, you will have had enough jobs and careers advice in order to assess what you will be good at. So just pick a career and stick to it, for you will certainly be successful with it!

Bad Habits Resulting in Low Work Efficiency

How to stop Snoring

Home Remedies for Snoring, Get Rid of Snoring

By: peterhutch

There are some simple and common home remedies for snoring. Why everybody is searching for home remedies? The reason for people searching home remedies is they are 100% natural,safe,effective and they are free. Here we are going to look for the most simple and common remedies available for stop snoring.

Limit the drinking of alcohol around bedtime. Snoring is caused by the relaxation of muscles in and around the mouth. Since alcohol acts as a sedative for most people, drinking alcohol around bedtime increases the chances of snoring. If you need an alcoholic drink, try to have it at least three hours before going to sleep.

Most people look for home remedies or over the counter drugs to stop snoring because the alternative is not appealing to them. If you have tried everything and still no results, then surgery might be your only choice. Talk with your doctor before embarking on a home remedy regimen. Your doctor will be able to tell you if the home remedies will be effective or not. Doing it this way will stop you from wasting your time on a wild goose chase

Another remedy to stop snoring involves changing your sleeping position. When a snorer sleeps on their back it causes the muscles in the throat to relax which makes the snoring sound. A simple change in your sleeping position may improve your breathing, however chronic snorers are able to snore in any sleeping position.

Weight loss is also one of the important stop snoring home remedies. This is because weight loss actually contributes to the condition in the first place. Excessive weight in your neck and chest can cause enough pressure on your muscles. This, in turn, disrupts the normal breathing process. Thus, if you are overweight, then you should consider taking on a diet plan. Just make sure yours is prescribed by a licensed physician, dietician, or nutritionist. Generally, a diet plan would also have you take on a more active lifestyle.

While there is no one herb that appears to be a cure all when it comes to snoring, combinations of various herbs have proven to be effective for many people. Commonly, a combination of passion flower and peppermint leaf powder yields some excellent results when then it comes to mild or moderate bouts of snoring. For more advanced situations, adding valerian root to the combination seems to strengthen the chances of offsetting bouts of snoring

Sleeping Position – One of the best stop snoring home remedy that I can offer you is to try and change your sleeping position. Did you know that by lying on your back you increase the chances of snoring at night? Try falling asleep on your side or stomach at night. It is much harder to snore in these positions. A little trick is to use a pillow on you side to prevent yourself from rolling onto your back

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Bad Habits Resulting in Low Work Efficiency

Recession blamed for unemployment

Union leaders have complained of a “distinct lack of jobs” in the UK, highlighting figures showing that the number of long term unemployed has doubled since before the recession.

The TUC said almost 250,000 people in England, Scotland and Wales had been claiming Jobseeker’s Allowance for at least a year, twice as many as at the start of 2008.Ahead of new unemployment figures, the TUC said the increase in long-term unemployment was caused by hundreds of thousands of jobs being lost during the recession and insufficient new ones being created.The union organisation warned that the position was likely to get worse as jobs were lost due to the Government’s spending cuts, which some experts believe could put an extra million people on the dole.Birmingham had the highest number of long-term unemployed claimants at 12,475, a 42% increase since January 2008, while in Glasgow the figure has increased by 121% to 5,545, and in Liverpool there were 4,760 people claiming JSA who have not worked for more than a year, a rise of almost a third, said the TUC.By the wider International Labour Organisation measure of unemployment, which includes people not eligible for benefit, there were currently 811,000 people facing long-term unemployment, an increase of 110% since the start of the recession.TUC General Secretary Brendan Barber said: “The UK has 2.5 million people out of work, not because we’re a nation of work shy scroungers without a work ethic, but because with an average five unemployed people chasing every vacancy, there is a distinct lack of jobs.”The number of people who have been out of work for a year or longer has more than doubled since January 2008. Unemployed people are the victims here, not the villains.”The Government should stop blaming unemployed people for their predicament and start creating rather than cutting jobs.”

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Bad Habits Resulting in Low Work Efficiency

Natural Tips for Fair Complexion

Natural Tips for Fair Complexion

By: peterhutch

Few very good masks to lighten the skin tone and add a glow to the complexion. continue to care your skin is always important to maintain your skin and look fresh all the time.

Mix 1 table spoon of milk powder, 1 table spoon of honey, 1 table spoon of lemon juice, and ½ table spoon of almond oil. Apply on face and wash off after 10-15 minutes. This pack helps bring shine to the skin and also removes tan.

You can do a fairness massage easily at the privacy of your home. Soak four almonds overnight. In the morning remove their skin and grind them fine. Make a paste by adding one teaspoon of gram flour, one teaspoon of milk and four drops of limejuice. A regular massage with this paste will assure a long lasting fairness to you.

For 15 days, apply a paste of gram flour (besan), milk (2 teaspoon) and lime juice(3-4 drops) on face and neck for 15 minutes and wash with water. You complexion should improve. Repeat every 2 weeks.


This is best home remedy for dark skin. Sandalwood is one of the most expensive, most exotic, and most aromatic plants known to humans. Sandalwood has a use in treating most skin problems. It is a cooling agent, stimulant, and blood purifier. It protects skin from the sun’s rays, acts an anti-aging agent, and keeps skin smooth and aromatic. Sandalwood is extremely effective on pimples, prickly heat, skin erruptions, itching, rashes, spots, freckles, and swellings.

Mix oatmeal with yogurt and tomato juice and apply on the face. Wash it with cold water after 15 minutes.

Apply a mixture of 3-4 drops of lime juice and a grated tomato on face and neck for 15 minutes for 15 days. Wash with cold water.

Mix almond, neem leaf , turmeric, sandlewood and poppy seeds.

Blend this mixture into a fine paste using milk . Apply this paste on face and allow it to dry. remove the dried mask by massaging your face in circular motion and wash your face using luke warm water.

Wheat germ scrub:


1 tablespoon oatmeal powder

1 tablespoon wheat germ (powder)

1 tablespoon skimmed milk powder

1 teaspoon sandal wood powder.


This is a popular herb for dark skin. Rose oil is a cooling agent and is excellent for tired skin. It is a good source of vitamins C and E. Rose oil has a very pleasant fragrance to it. It removes dead cells from the skin, and provides relief from burns. It slows the aging process and balances the skin’s chemistry. Rose oil is used for cleansing, toning, moisturizing, and nourishing of the skin.

Mash the cucmber with the skin still on to get the juice. You may then need to squeeze the juice out with your hands. You can use lime juice with haldi and besan, and scrub your face with this to try and remove the tan. However. simply applying lime juice and cucumber will help lighten skin over time.

Fair look, dry skin:

Apply a mixture of equal amounts of cucumber juice and honey on the face and whole body. Leave it for 15 minutes and wash off.

Fair look, oily skin:

Apply a mixture of equal amounts of lemon and cucumber juice on the face and whole body. Leave it for 15 minutes and wash off.

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Nostalgia: Part 6: Toys and Periodicals of the ’60’s’.

The 1960’s were a ‘golden-Age’ for children growing up in Britain. We were literally bombarded with a plethora of : toys;comics;games and new innovations to stimulate young minds. Well known comics included: Dandy;Beano;Beezer;Topper;Hotspur;Victor; Lion;Tiger;Bunty;Judy…etc…etc. As a ‘paperboy’ in the sixties i well remember my bag being very heavy every Tuesday ..delivering the local comics to the kids!!! Our ‘heroes’ were ‘The Bash Street Kids’/Minnie the Minx/Roy of the Rovers and of course: Desperate Dan (who always ate ‘Aunt Aggie’s’ cow-pies everyday in: Cactusville!!!..whilst shaving with his blowlamp!!!! We also read ‘books’ (boring!) including: Swallows and Amazons; Wind in The Willows and many other adventure novels of the time…(Although i do remember copies of the ‘Kama Sutra’ being confiscated by: SIR!!!} TOYS & GAMES etc. Kids growing up in the sixties were really spoilt for choice as regards ‘toys & games’ to be bought in the high street. Well known ‘marques’ (mainly for boys) included: CORGI; LESNEY (Matchbox); TRIANG; HORNBY; MECCANO; DINKY; LEGO; SPOT ON etc.

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Part: 5..Cinemas;Shops& Transport of the ’60’s’

First up!…….Cinemas in Brighton & Hove of the ‘sixties’. In alphabetical order: ACADEMY: (West St.) ARCADIA: (Lewes Rd.) ASTORIA: (York Place) CONTINENTAL: (Sudelely Place) CORONATION: (North Rd.) COURT: (New Rd.) CURZON: (Western Rd.) CINEMA DE LUXE: (North St.) DUKE OF YORKS: (Preston Circus) ELECTRIC THEATRE: (George St. HOVE) EMBASSY: (Western Rd.) ESSOLDO: (Imperial) (North St.) GAIETY: (Vogue) (Lewes Rd.) GRANADA: (Portland Rd.) ODEON: (WestSt.) ODEON: (Denmark Villas) ODEON: (St. Georges Rd.) PALLADIUM: (Kings Rd.) PANDORAS BOX: (Kings Rd.) PARIS: (New Rd.) PRINCES (Jaycee) (North St.) REGENT: (Queens Rd.) ROTHBURY: (Franklin Rd.) SAVOY: (East St.) The ‘golden-years’ for the cinema was ‘between the wars’ and onto the ‘fifties’ & ‘sixties’. I would say….outside of LONDON…BRIGHTON probably had more cinemas than any other town! (the only ‘original’ one left is: DUKE of YORKS!) Many,many stories can be recalled about these cinemas…of course people of a certain age still remember when the ‘little’ ODEON in Kemp Town was bombed in ‘1940’ the great loss of life. The availability of cheap television-sets in the ‘sixties’ sounded the death knell for movies and many were turned into ‘Bingo-Halls’ to help to make money. 2).’SHOPS & SHOPPING’: Brighton’s shops underwent many changes throughout the ‘sixties’. Many well known stores: ‘HUDSONS’/SWEARS and WELLS’/’WADES’/’HILLS’/’BARRANCE and FORD’..were closed down for good and often replaced with ‘tatty’ establishments of residential buildings. Times were changing at break-neck speed as the ‘sixties’ moved on apace! The political climate changed dramatically and the U.S.A. had an ever inreasing effect on all of our lives. ‘BRIGHTON SQUARE’ was opened in: 1966 in the heart of the LANES (partly sponsored by HANNINGTONS) In the meantime many shops, there have come and gone but…only one ‘original’ remains: ‘Record Roundup’ (originally ‘Fine Records’) Years ago ‘Fine Records’ decamped to George St. HOVE East Street was once a prestigious area for shopping, did you know!!! ‘HUDSONS’ the quality butchers/deli etc. closed down in the sixties… after that many established shops ‘shut up shop’ throughout the seventies! ‘BEALS’ the bookshop/record-shop went and it wasn’t until the eighties that the ‘council’ engaged a developer to build: Regency Arcade(at least it was ‘undercover’!) Western Rd. started to change in the sixties..mainly with the opening of CHURCHILL SQUARE in April 1968.Somewhat of a novelty at the time this development caused about ’26 nearby-streets to be demolished! and with it a passing of a lot of history of old-Brighton. To date all of the prestige-shops in Western Rd. have disappeared although…it is sometimes possible to chance on a few clues of days gone by. (Check out the pavement near Starbucks (lansdowne Rd.) and you will see the reamins of the ‘mosaic-pavement’ outlining ‘HILLS OF HOVE’!) Other memorable shops..of course inclide: the famous ‘Pie Shop’ on the corner of St. James st. and Chapel st….was there ever a better ‘pie-shop? Joe Lyons chain of ‘corner-cafes’ in London also appeared in Brighton. My favourite was at the bottom of St. James st. (remember the spoons on chains?) Sainsbury’s…also in St.James st. was a favourite with shoppers. Staff actually sliced and packaged the: butter/cheese etc. before your very eyes!!! Who could not forget the ‘Cork Shop’ in the North-Laines…Belmanns in London Rd…where many a latest ’45 record was purchased for ‘7/6’ on a Friday evening. Also ‘Woolies’ did very well in the sixties selling nearly everything! (although…Maynards sweets were better!!!) Now….onto the’Transport’ section: The start of the ‘sixties’ saw the demise of the ‘Trolleybusses’ (1961) This brilliant,cost-effective form of transport took over from the scrapping of the old ‘Trams’. (1939). Of course diesel-buses have reigned supreme ever since but they are souless form of transport..originally manned by a driver and conductor…but since 1970 have been the sole-responsibiliy of the driver. ‘Inspectors’ and conductors were made redundant in: 1970 and sonn after problems started with ‘customer-aggrevation’ violence and general chaotic scenes…still in evidence today..on some routes!!!

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Bad Habits Resulting in Low Work Efficiency

Nostalgia4..Films..T.V. & Music of the ‘sixties’

Well here we go again…another backwards look at the ‘sixties’.
This chapter is devoted to the ‘media’ of the sixties ie: Music/T.V./Films etc.!!!

So…hold on tight for a roller-coaster ride of your life!!!

Let’s start with ‘Films of the sixties’.

I suppose the first film I saw in the early sixties was : ‘BEN HUR’ (1959) with: Chuck Heston
Stephen Boyd and Jack Hawkins… name but a few.

This epic rightly deserved to win 11 ‘Oscars’.
(the only film to match this number,in recent years
was TITANIC…which was crap!!!)

I think I was about 9 years old when I saw the film
with my big sister: VAL..probably at either the
‘ASTORIA’ or the ‘REGENT’ cinemas.

The following Friday at primary-school I stood up in front of the class and ‘re-enacted’ ‘BEN HUR’ in about 10 minutes.
Most of my mates hadn’t seen this movie so they had to use their imaginations a lot!!!

The ‘sixties’ was a golden age for films and saw many controversial ‘subjects’ being exploited…
sex; violence and ‘rock & roll!!!

Just a few notable movies that stick in my mind were:
CAPE FEAR(Robert Mitchum & Gregory Peck (1961)
LOLITA (Sue Lyons & James Mason (1962)
VICTIM (Dirk Bogarde & Sylvia Syms (1961)
FAIL SAFE(Henry Fonda & Walter Matthau (1964)

This last film…now a ‘cult-classic’ is rarely screened on British TV and is only available on a ‘Region 1’ DVD from the USA!

I strongly urge you film-buffs out there to check out this ‘classic’…you won’t be disappointed.

As the ‘sixties’ moved on picture-goers flocked to see the new ‘spaghetti westerns’ with CLINT EASTWOOD and co…and many other notable films were: ‘The Graduate’ with a young DUSTIN HOFFMAN…’2001 a space odessey’….Easy Rider
any many,many more films now,quite rightly regarded as ‘classics’!!!


‘TELEVISION’: (Introduction)

The era of the ‘swinging sixties’ was a liberating period in more ways than one!
It was a time of freedom,adventure,hope and growing prosperity and increasing technological ingenuity.

The world of television was an experimental and exiting time,not least beacause this was the decade when ‘colour-t.v.’ really took off!!!
Some critics dismiss the ’60’s’ as a ‘golden era’.But…let’s face it anything would be golden to the trash dished out today!

If one looks in the ‘Radio Times’ the beginning of the mag it clearly states in ‘bold’ type….’all digital programmes ie: BBC 3;BBC 4;ITV3 etc. are ‘repeats’ unless stated otherwise!


‘PAY TV’: is not new!…In the early sixties a pre-payment meter could be ‘bolted-on’ to the side of the set….Cost= ‘sixpence’ per hour’

The ‘Redifusion’ company won a big contract in Brighton & Hove in the early ‘sixties’to install ‘cable-tv’ ,especially for the many council estates.

In the ‘U.S.A.’ this ‘network’ was launched in: ‘1954’!!!

(Colour T.V.):

This was discussed as far back as ‘1943’!!!
In the ‘USA’ C.B.S.–did test transmissions in: ‘1941’ but…’colour-tv’s. were as yet unavailable to the general public!

In Great Britain by the early sixties ’12 million’ sets were being stared at!
But it wasn’t until JULY 1st’ 1967 that ‘BBC2’ launched it’s limited colour service (after a power-cut!!!)

Anyway…enough of the ‘techie-stuff’…just what were we watching in the ’60’s’

(Children’s T.V.)

By the dawning of the sixties the ‘WOODENTOPS’ had sold their farm and retired to a bungalow on the south coast and were living the life of Riley on ‘repeat-fees’ that would line their pockets for years to come!!!
Also the demise of ‘MUFFIN THE MULE’ and the much loved ‘FLOWERPOT MEN’ (flobadob)…were pensioned off!!!

In the sixties the new pioneer of children’s puppetry were: GORDON MURRAY;OLIVER POSTGATE AND PETER FIRMIN.

Gordon Murray’s first series (CAMBERWICK GREEN)…screened in 1966 was originally caleed ‘CANDLEWICK GREEN’…but a typing error in the BBC contract altered it’s name forever!
Two further series followed: TRUMPTON & CHIGLEY. By the way the words: ‘mugging’/vandalism and robbery were not in the TRUMPTONSHIRE dictionary.

In all 39 episodes were made…and often repeated!!!

Other masters of the ‘stop-frame’ genre were: OLIVER POSTGATE & PETER FIRMIN.
(Pogle’s Wood; Ivor the Engine; Noggin the Nog and of course Bagpuss!!!)
Bagpuss was recently awarded the best children’s program of all time.
Technically,though, this series was a product of the ’70’s’.

‘Blue Peter’ started in: 1958…and is probably still running.!!!

‘Doctor Who’ (1963 with William Hartnell) was watched by kids from behind the sofa…including myself!!!
This ‘sci-fi’ prog has successfully been ‘revamped with David Tenant and a host of ‘young-lovlies’ as his assistants! Prior to his Dr. Who engagement he starred in the very raunchy ‘Casanova’ to much acclaim.

By the way ‘I.T.V.’s’ answer to Blue Peter was of course ‘Magpie’ with Susan Stranks and Mick Robertson etc.
A weekly show for kids but with a bit more ‘edge’!!!

Adult viewers were in for a treat in the ‘sixties’!!!
British ‘soaps’ well loved were: ‘Emergency Ward Ten’/’Dixon Of Dock Green’/’Z Cars/’Crossroads’..but..probably soaps from the U.S.A. had the greatest influence on the viewing public.

Such memorable programs were: Wagon Train/Rawhide (with a young Clint Eastwood)/
I Love Lucy show (Lucille Ball) and of course who could forget: Peyton Place!!!

‘Science Fiction’ was well served with such classics as: ‘The Outer Limits’/Quatermass and of couse: Star Trek..(by the the way one of the episodes was not screened in the USA as it featured a black woman kissing a white man!)

The serial ran for 79 episodes, in all, a created a long running cult following with ‘Trekkies’ all around the world!!!

Anyway that’s enough of T.V. …we now move on to: MUSIC…


MUSIC: In the ’60’s’

Question: Who can remember the ‘orginal’ group ‘Nirvana’ (Pentecost Hotel & Rainbow Chaser….1967/1968)??? I don’’s a mystery!.

How come that ‘grungy twat’ Kurt Cobain stole the name for his ‘new group!! What about ‘copyright’!!!

Music of the ‘sixties’…did it really start with the BEATLES??? No..of course not.
Many ‘1950’s’ groups carried over into the sixties..but probably the biggest exception was: Buddy Holly and the Crickets who died in a tragic aircrash.

Buddy Holly’s influence was huge on the up and coming ‘sixties’ bands especially the Beatles and the Beach Boys…as an aside…the Beatles’s 1965 album ‘Rubber Soul’…knocked Brian Wilson sideways and he and his group,eventually retaliated with the classic ‘Pet Sounds’.

‘Rhythm & Blues'(as coined by Jerry Wexler in 1949)”later called ‘Soul’ by many
produced a humungous flood of ‘classic’ tracks throughout the ‘sixties’.

Jerry Wexler,producer at ‘Atlantic’ records’ (founded by the ‘Ehrtegun’ brothers originally from Turkey!!) made some of the all time classic hits from their bases in: New York and ‘Muscle-Shoals’.Most of their records hit tne ‘No. 1’ spot throughout the sixties…probably only to be equalled by those ‘geniuses’ at:Tamla Motown in Detroit!!!

One of ‘Berry Gordy’s (producer at Motown) first big hits was : ‘Money’ recorded by Barrett Strong (1960)…incidently covered bt the Beatles on ‘With the Beatles’ album!
I suppose the british record-buying public really caught on the the excellent tunes coming out of Detroit sometime in: 1964.
B.B.c.’s ‘Top of the Pops’. every Thursday always featured the latest hit from the Motown stable….Berry Gordy called his ‘baby’ ‘The Voice of Young America’.

By the year 1964 a veritable torrent of new bands hit the charts…..just to name but a few: THE ROLLING STONES/THE HOLLIES/THE WHO/THE MOVE/THE ANIMALS/ and on the other side of the Atlantic…THE BEACH BOYS/BOB DYLAN (AND THE BAND)

As the ‘sixties’ rolled along to….wait for it…’1967′ The Summer of Love’!!!
(‘Candlestick Park’ in San Francisco being where ‘it was at’ baby!!!)
even more new groups emerged: The Byrds/The Flowerpot Men/The Turtles/The Monkees/Mamas and the Papas/The Association/The Box Tops/etc. etc!

Over here in Great Britain many groups,mostly forgotten included: Vanity Fare/The Casuals/The Easybeats/Honeybus (remember the ‘bread-advert’ with the girl in the balloon?).Oh!!!…did i not mention Donovan?

As the sixties were drawing to a close the ‘technology’ hadn’t changed much throughout the decade…ie: ‘radiograms/’stereograms’ and ‘Dansette’ players!
Although ‘cassettes’ had been invented by a German guy working for ‘PHILIPS’ in 1963…it took a long time for this new medium to be marketed in a big way.

Initially the first cassette-machines replaced the outmoded ‘dictaphones’ and ‘reel-to-reel’ tape-recorders. The first ‘Walkman’ appeared in: 1979!!!

‘Concept-albums’ were a new phenomenon in the ‘sixties’ and my particuler favourite was: ‘Boy Meets Girl’ from ‘STAX’ (1969 double-album)

Some groups did manage to ‘spill over’ into the ‘Seventies’…but that is a story for another day!

Part 3…Mods,Rockers and Easter fun!!!

This part of ‘Terry’s Pages’ reflects on the ‘craziness’ of ‘Easter 1964 & 1965’

Apparently it all kicked off in: Margate (Easter 1964)….where ‘Mods’ and ‘Rockers’ clashed on the seafront and spilled over into the town terrorising the local residents and generally causing mayhem…the likes that have never before been witnessd in this quaint seaside-town!!!

For many years ‘cockneys’ and their like, took their annual ‘Jolly’ to Margate and sometimes to other resorts to get away from the ‘hub-bub’ of London.

But…this year the unprecedented ‘outburst’ from the warring ‘teenagers’ escalated to: Brighton.

As a 12 year old i witnessed a frightening display of ‘gang warfare’ on the beaches and into the town itself.

Fortunately our local ‘Bobbies’ dealt with the ‘situation’ (after a while!!!) and made many arrests. The day’s events were recorded in the ‘Evening Argus’…the photos being especially exiting!

The town quickly recovered form this ‘holiday mayhem’ and steadfastly returned to it’s usual business of pedalling ice-creams;candifloss and general ‘seaside-tat’!!!

(But…the following year!…..wait and see)


The ‘1965’ clash between the Mods& Rockers took on a more sinister guise!!!

Yes it was ‘Easter hols’, again and the ‘A23’ saw legions of motorbikes and scooters hit the road on the way to sunny Brighton for a ‘re-match’!

From late morning…onwards, sporadic scuffles broke out on the seafront cafes ; the pier and in the afternoon, into the town,itself!

Our boys in blue presented a ‘high profile’ (i suspect many were on ‘overtime’) and relished the thought of having a good scrap with the ‘visitors’.

Many arrests were made and the guilty parties,from both sides, were given a rap on the knuckles by our wonderful judiciary!

Things in Brighton quickly returned to normal for the coming summer-season…but!……these events went down in Brighton’s history as a ‘major’ occurence and eventually in 1979 the cult-film Quadrophenia was released…starring: Phils Daniels;Lesley Ash and Sting (as ‘Ace Face’).

Was it just a coincidence to name Sting’s character: ‘Ace’…as this was the name of the famous cafe where the ‘rockers’ used to meet!!

(Also featured in the cult British film ‘The Leather Boys’: 1963)

P.S. If anyone wants to get hold of photos of the mods & rockers clashes they can be bought from the ‘postcard’ shop in: Queens Rd.

Part 4 of ‘Terry’s pages will be a ‘biggy’!……

Music T.V. and Films of the sixties

bye for now……Terry West

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PART: 2….’Grubs & Pubs’!

Right….here’s a good one for you: Question? Who remembers the first ‘Mc Donald’s’ in Brighton?

Answer: Me!..In April 1974…at the top of North St. opposite the Clock Tower (it closed after six months!!!)

Apparently no one went there; they were too busy scoffing their ‘soggy’ wimpy-burgers and guzzling warm ‘coca-cola’!…Ah! those were the days.

But…fret ye not, the original ‘Uncle Sams’ is still in ‘Montpelier’ and is still going strong after ‘forty-years’!

The said chain of burger bars opened a second outlet in York Place in the early ‘seventies’.

I was working opposite at the ‘Watney-Mann’ computer bureau in: Waterloo Place….where we worked a three-shift system..frequenting the ‘local hostelries’ (Walmer Castle…etc etc!) and many ‘forays’ to: Uncle Sams/Kentucky/Great Wall of China/Dayvilles..’32 flavours!!!)

In between we managed to fit in a bit of ‘computer-operating’ to please our lords and masters enough to pick up our ‘monthly paycheque’.

Our ghastly building (Waterloo House) was eventually ‘linked’ to the ‘mirrored’ building owned by ‘Advance Linen’ in: 1975 when the very old lady (some: 95 years!) who lived in between the buildings popped her clogs!!!

She refused many ‘bribes’ to relinquish her abode but…nature took it’s course.

A rather bizarre ending to this story is a few days after word got around that she had died…one quiet Sunday afternoon two ‘burly’ men were spotted by our security-guard removing her frail body rolled up in an old carpet and bundled into the back of an old estate-car!!!

Was she buried???..What was her name??? No one knew!

The somewhat ironical twist to this story is that my parents,when they married in: 1938…lived next door to this lady!!!

Oh!…and she wore a ‘muffler’ over her mouth every time she ventured out. (she was very ‘green’!)

Anyway…grisly stories aside…a much frequented pub in the ‘seventies’ was ‘The Ship’ in Lewes Rd.

…especially on: Wednesday evenings and Sunday lunchtimes!

The ‘regular’ (99% male) were made to suffer the ‘exotic delights’ of : ‘Angie’ from Croydon

‘Lou’ from London and the ‘ravishing’ Christine from Surrey!

Their ‘cavorting left little to the imagination but the ‘clientele’ spent and drunk heavily thus keeping the pub ‘afloat’!…despite being temporarily ‘closed-down’ many times!

Ah!…those were the days.

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