5 Steps To Success In The New Year It is time to make that New Year’s Resolution list. Most of us look forward to new and exciting changes in the new year coming up. Few of us know how to achieve them. We berate ourselves for not being more disciplined instead of setting up a plan for success.Spend some time thinking about what your world looks like with the new You. Stay in the now though, don’t wander off into fantasy.If your personality drives people away, figure out why.Perhaps you just need a new group of friends. Comb the local Internet sites for interesting groups to join. Learn new skills at the local community college. Join a weight watchers group, Toast Masters, yoga session, chess club, or a spiritual group. Find a support group that matches your new vision.If you think you are unique, guess again. Someone else fights the same battle. If you live in a small community reach out to an online group. A faceless community allows you to express yourself without putting your courage on the line.Somewhere in the deepest part of yourself there is a desire that can transform your life. Release the fear of it. Allow it to surface. Examine it. Write it down. Define the up side and downside of each desire.If being a successful writer ranks high on the list, find out what is required. First, define “success” as you see it.If being published ranks first, success is right around the corner. This desire becomes a fantasy if making money is the only motivator. The prominent authors you see on the book shelves write two novels a year to actually make enough from book sales to label it “making money.” Yet new writers are published every day.On the other hand, being an Olympian skier at the age of 50may fall into the realm of fantasy depending on your dedication and current skill levels. However, in the Wiitm world of virtual reality this happens. Compete at any age.Pick up your gold metal right in your own neighborhood.World-wide fame, TV commercials, and pundit assignments …maybe not, but success by your measure.If world peace is your goal for the new year, know that it only happens one person at a time. You make a change and that affects everyone in your environment. It becomes a ripple effect that circles the globe.Your New Year’s Resolution could mean just accepting yourself and defining the attributes that make you a great person. What makes this wonderful person lonely,undisciplined, shy, disagreeable, rude, or judgmental.Accept the things you cannot change and work on the rest of the challenges. Take the best of yourself and enhance those attributes until they shine in the dark.1. Be honest with yourself. In one column list five things that you sense are life-changing. In another column rate that choice from 1 to 5, five being the most important.2. Understand that only one desire of the five on the list is destined to survive the year.3. Create the path to success. No wishful thinking allowed.4. Reward yourself at different milestones along the way.5. Celebrate success at any level of accomplishment.Make the New Year a joyful experience. Love it and live it.Meet a new friend. Make a change. It’s always up to you.About the Author:For more life-changing information for success in the New Year, visit the author’s E-Book website,http://www.TheMaxwellGroup.net.

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