WEXO Work Experience at Ukviews

WEXO Work Experience at Ukviews


WEXO (www.wexo.co.uk) is the UKs first matchmaking network for those requiring or offering work experience, internships and jobs.

After education Work Experience is the most important aspect of finding a career for young jobseekers but getting work experience has never been so difficult.
Work Experience also expands the horizons for young people, develops their confidence and adds to their CV better preparing them for their time in the workforce.

WEXO see themselves as the launch pad for young people starting their careers. WEXO introduce them to interesting and enjoyable opportunities in companies they might not otherwise have access to or would not have thought of at a time when they don’t yet have industry knowledge. Sometimes WEXO even act as the gateway to that permanent, dream job.

WEXO democratises access to exciting opportunities for young people whilst ensuring that companies catch the most suitable candidates.

Rather than companies sifting through a mountain of CVs in various formats, WEXO organises applications, making it easy to find people with the right character for a dedicated and happy workforce.

Human Work Makes For Happy Workers

Human Work Makes For Happy Workers:

It started at the rental car turn-in location.
My friend is a "platinum" member with Hertz-who offers a great benefit I discovered when the rental agencies are a considerable distance from the terminal.
Hertz provided a shuttle bus to the lot for people to pick out their cars. Our shuttle bus driver grinned as she slid into the driver's seat and said she could hardly wait for school to begin. Turns out she's also a school bus driver and with her seniority, she gets to pick her route.
Her passion: autistic children. "I just love 'em," she grinned. "I get them again this year."
Fascinating. Sincere. And difficult.

We stopped to grab a bite of lunch before long flights.
The waitress excitedly nodded when we ordered the cashew chicken sandwich. "It's our new menu. We just got it yesterday.
That's a great choice!" She grinned and gave us a two-thumbs up signal.
I don't know about you, but I rarely get service help excited by a menu.
It was as if SHE personally made the sandwich.
Fascinating. Sincere. And standing on your feet all day-difficult.

At an adjacent Frontier airlines gate, I asked where my plane was and how come no representative was at the gate. "Listen," she laughed, "it's also my gate. I can do amazing things. Watch how quick I get this plane loaded. I'll do the same for yours. You'll see." I did. It's almost 6pm on a Sunday night and folks are cranky and tired. Not my gate attendant. True to her word, she efficiently started the process AND took time to actually read every boarding pass and call the passenger by name. She patted my arm when I went through. "See, Eileen. Told you I could do this."
Fascinating. Sincere. And the job of a gate agent is difficult-very difficult.

My seatmate was a young man, a rotating guidance counselor for grades 6-12 in the Costa Mesa, CA school district. "There aren't many men in my line of work-and particularly men of color," he remarked offhandedly. "DO you like what you do?" I asked. His eyes opened wide and he offered a wide smile. "I love it. I really feel like I am making a difference. So many of these kids have no one to talk to-no one to model the right behavior." He proceeded to tell me a series of stories that would break your heart. "It's when they come back after they leave school that is most rewarding. You just never know if what you say today will suddenly click in years later."
Fascinating. Sincere. And difficult-very, VERY difficult.

In each instance, the joy came from how each connected with another human being.
It was the CONNECTION that made the difference.
Not the money. Not the title. The eyes staring at each other. The hands reaching out to help.
Fascinating. Sincere. And maybe-with deliberate intent we could try it.
Might NOT be all that difficult.

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Agents and Editors Wanted in Brighton

Agents and Editors Wanted in Brighton

Would you like to be a Ukviews Agent or Editor for the Brighton Area.

Is this for me

Editors Wanted who would like to create content for their local community, and also Agents who would like to Earn Some Extra Income marketing our Premium Business listings.


We give a very High Commission from the sale of the Premium Listings that is paid directly to you by the client (up to 50%). Our annual listings prices are as follows: Free for the basic listing, From £49 for the Premium 1/2 page listing and From £99 for the full page Premium Plus listing.
This gives such excellent value to local businesses that no high pressure sales pitch is ever needed.
Basically we run and maintain the Ukviews website and you manage your clients, this gives you the opportunity to run your own business from home in your own time.
All positions are Self Employed and all Payments are commission only.

There are endless opportunities for you to place paid adverts for local businesses and services, you are able to give your clients a personal service that also offers them great value and keeps them coming back to you.
There is also no better way to get out and meet new people, make new personal and business contacts at the same time as earning a good ongoing secure living.
If you would like to write content for your own Local Community Website or would like to market our Premium Business Listings or even both, just send us an email or use the “Contact-Us” link above to get in touch.

Set Up Costs:

You will need to have an internet access and a computer with a printer also a phone, no office space is needed, as most people already have these your overheads should be very small.
Your expected earnings (working 20 to 30hrs per week) should be between £250 and £500 per week however in time this would rise as you develop your network and the Premium listings are renewed for the following year.
A reference and proof of your ID will also be needed.

Would you like to increase your Social Network,
Get more Personal and Business Contacts, Earn Extra Income?

Please read our Terms and Conditions including Income Disclaimer.

If so Please Contact us now for more information.