The 1960’s were a ‘golden-Age’ for children growing up in Britain. We were literally bombarded with a plethora of : toys;comics;games and new innovations to stimulate young minds. Well known comics included: Dandy;Beano;Beezer;Topper;Hotspur;Victor; Lion;Tiger;Bunty;Judy…etc…etc. As a ‘paperboy’ in the sixties i well remember my bag being very heavy every Tuesday ..delivering the local comics to the kids!!! Our ‘heroes’ were ‘The Bash Street Kids’/Minnie the Minx/Roy of the Rovers and of course: Desperate Dan (who always ate ‘Aunt Aggie’s’ cow-pies everyday in: Cactusville!!!..whilst shaving with his blowlamp!!!! We also read ‘books’ (boring!) including: Swallows and Amazons; Wind in The Willows and many other adventure novels of the time…(Although i do remember copies of the ‘Kama Sutra’ being confiscated by: SIR!!!} TOYS & GAMES etc. Kids growing up in the sixties were really spoilt for choice as regards ‘toys & games’ to be bought in the high street. Well known ‘marques’ (mainly for boys) included: CORGI; LESNEY (Matchbox); TRIANG; HORNBY; MECCANO; DINKY; LEGO; SPOT ON etc.

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