Is Your Job Search Taking Longer Than It Should?

What does it cost you to be unemployed? Taking into account

lost wages and the many added expenses associated with job

hunting, plus the fact that even the fastest job searches

generally take at least a few months from start to job

offer, it is not too hard to believe that each bout of

unemployment will cost you many thousands of dollars. With

this figure in mind, if you could shorten your job search

by a few weeks – maybe even just a few days – I think you’ll

agree that the effort would be well worth it.

First impressions are important to a successful job search

and your resume is often the way that an employer first

gets to know you. Is your resume creating the first

impression that you want it to create? Is your resume

working for you and generating phone calls and interviews?

Or, is your resume working against you, actually extending

your job search and costing you money?

Especially when the job market is competitive, unemployment

is high, and job openings are few , you can’t take the

chance of wasting even a single opportunity. If your resume

isn’t working for you as hard as it could be, it is time to

revise it.

A first-rate, standout resume that is appropriately

focused, highlights your past achievements, and

demonstrates how hiring you will be a better investment than

hiring your competitors will stand out and win you those

coveted interviews. The more interviews you go on, the more

job offers you will receive, the sooner you will have your

dream job and start bringing in regular paychecks. Isn’t

that more enticing than sinking what money you do have

down the ever-increasing whirlpool of the drain with a

second-rate resume?

If you want better, stronger results in your job search,

you must overhaul your resume. Think carefully about what

the employer is seeking in a candidate. Do they want a

candidate who will grow their sales? Do they need a

candidate who knows how to decrease costs? Are they

looking for a candidate to refine processes for them and

heighten efficiency? Maybe they need a combination of all

these things? Whatever the answer, be certain that your

resume emphasizes past achievements that show how you have

done these things in the past. This is proof to the employer

that you can do the same for him in the future.

While there are some people who are able to develop their

own resume, and create a document that is truly powerful,

compelling, and effective, the vast majority of job hunters

would be better off seeking the assistance of a professional

resume writer. If you have any doubts about the power of

your resume, or any doubts about your ability to develop a

results-generating resume, don’t hesitate to consult with a

professional resume writer. In virtually all cases, the

investment you make in having your resume professionally

written will pay you back many times over with a much

faster and more successful job search.

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