Get A Cruise Job Before Winter

Hot, sunny days and white, sandy beaches.

Getting away from freezing, boring, snowy winters, what

could be more encouraging to get a cruise job? We know what

is around the corner when summer is a distant memory for the

northern hemisphere as the leaves change colours. Is there

any technique to ensure a position on board before the snow


Over the holiday periods there are extra jobs onboard over

the holiday according to the myth. This is wrong. Not only

the holiday periods, but most cruise ships also cruise at

full capacity over the year. An exception to this is due to

the number of kids onboard most family cruise lines, they

employ tons of youth. To get your foot in the door for this

type of cruise job for a probable full time year round job

this equates to a very good opportunity when it comes

available. A number of other vacancies are related to the

launching of new cruise ships. For example, Royal Caribbean

needed approximately 1,650 crew members when Allure of the

Seas was launched. For 2011, an additional 7,000 cruise jobs

will be required for new ships. For those just beginning

their hunt and for those that have been looking a job on a

ship for some time now, always keep in mind that there are

ALWAYS positions available.

For employment on cruise ships, do you think you are over

qualified? In order to just get hired, should you tone down

your experience? With your experience-packed resume, what

are employers considering when they read it? Recently, this

person explained, “For almost a year now without one

interview, I have been applying for various jobs.” And we

were asked this question, “Is it likely that I am too

qualified and cruise lines simply overlook me?”

For starters, cruise applicants should first ask themselves

a couple of questions before getting discouraged. Have you

been consistently following up on your application? Have you

been sending your resume to particular hiring managers? If

the answer is yes, then it’s time to re-look at your resume

and cover letter again. If their work experience and

education go beyond what are required, it may be a question

mark for a potential employer and this is what cruise

applicants need to understand. Being over qualified is the

same as age discrimination because it may be interpreted

that you do not fit in with the existing position. I takes

more than a great resume and cover letter landing your dream

job it also takes perseverance. Keep following up, once you

apply – these are the types of job seekers who land the job!

Now’s the right time, before the snow flies.

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