Bad Habits Resulting in Low Work Efficiency

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If you want to improve your work efficiency, you should not only find out the good habits which can improve your work efficiency but also find out the obstacles in the way of work. Those bad habits may have become part of your life, and you cannot even notice the existence of them. In this article, I will talk about some common bad habits in our daily work.

1. Absence

Woody Ellen once referred, “Success is from 80% of attendance…”Attendance is one the most major but easiest factors to success in your daily life, in your work and to your healthy. If you want to improve your health condition, you should attend the activities held in the gyms. Maybe the weather is so bad that you don’t want to go the gyms. But if you stick to taking exercises in such terrible days, you will definitely have a better figure than just coiled yourselves up in the sofa. This concept can also be extended to other fields of life. For instance, if you persist in writing or painting, your skills will be improved as soon as possible. If you attend more parties, you will make more friends or you may meet your sweethearts quickly. Instead, you are absent, you may lose lots of opportunities.

2. Dilatoriness

There are three ways to get rid of being dilatory in doing your work.

1) You can try to begin with the most complicated task or the most important work at the beginning of a new day. You will always be energetic and efficient while doing the work in the day. 

2) You should divide your task into parts. Focus on the first part while dealing with the first part, then you may continue to do the next part.

3) Try to use psychology suggestive methods.

3. Unnecessary worries

People may take too much into account instead of take actions to do something to put it into practice. However, it is just a waste of time to consider too much. Obsession of thinking is just another expression of fiddling about. Instead, you should try to put the idea into practice before considering every factors related to it. There is no perfect time to do one task since the perfect time never comes. You will be deeply obsessed in your thoughts and find it difficult to take action. In fact, you should stop thinking and do what you should do now.    

4. Negative attitudes

When you are filled with negative attitudes towards work and life, your enthusiasm will be extremely hit. You will find everything around is full of mistakes and problems. However, those so called problems do not exist at all. Facing this problem, you should train yourselves to do with the work with a postive attitude. 

If you can get rid of those bad habits gradually, your work efficiency will be highly improved.

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