What To Send Us:

You will need to send us all the text you wish to be included on your Website:

This Includes the Following:

* 1 Your company name

* 2 A company slogan, A catchy description of your company and it’s services usually up to 15 words.

* 3 A brief description of your business, up to 150 words, this will appear on your Home Page.

* 4 A full description of your business, up to 500 words, this will appear on your About Page.

* 5 Your contact details your name,email address, Tel. No. and business address if applicable.

* 6 Any customer testimonials you would like included, these will go on to a Testimonial Page.

Send any Photos that you would like included in your website:

These will be used on the Home Page, the About Page and in the Photo Gallery.

Send a minimum of 3 photos up to a maximum of about 15 photos. If you have a company logo send this to us. If you don’t we can design you one from £49.00 depending on the time we spend. If you have any company colours send these to us and we can design your site around them. We can provide a domain name for you based on your business name, let us know any preferences you have.

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