1. All text for your website should be sent in digital format, use any normal word-processor such as Microsoft Word. ( not handwritten, We can type this out for you but at extra cost depending time spent. )

2. We can re-word your text if you are not into writing essays, just send us as much info about your business as possible and we will put it all together for you.

3. We will re-word some of your text to make it more effective for Google and other major search engines, if required ( we use relevant keywords to match predicted searches ).

4. If you do not want any changes to your text just let us know and we will leave it unchanged.


# All Photos need to be as good quality as possible, it is not possible to make a good photo from a bad photo, however we can do some enhancing if needed, for example brightening, cropping, removing colour casts etc.

# A minimum of 3 photos are needed for your website, we can use stock photos at extra cost, email us if this is needed.

# Name each photo and provide a brief description for each, up to 20 words.

# Some of the photos can be used on the “Home Page” and the “About Page” the rest can go in the “Gallery Page”, state any preferences you may have.

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