Verify The Identity Of Your Online Dating Match

The biggest hurdle that most people face in online dating world
is the question and concern of whether the person at the other
end of the conversation is really who he or she says that they
are. It is hard to get comfortable with the person you are about
to meet, when you have no other connection to that person beyond
an anonymous internet connection.

In the real world of dating, before you go on a first date, you
probably know:

* Where someone works;
* Where they live;
* Who some of their friends are;
* Where they go to hang out;
* What they drive…

Sure, you cannot tell a lot about a person from information such
as this, but you can sure tell a friend these things in the event
that something goes awry on your first date. It is always better
to be safe than sorry.

Your friends are able to know something real and truthful about
the person you are about to go on a date with, because you are
able to learn that information before you go on your first date.

But, when you are doing the online dating thing, you can chat or
email back and forth with a potential date, and even after
several months of talking, you could potentially still not know
the first thing about the person you are ready to meet. For all
you know, they could be pathological liars.

With online dating, it is difficult to really know anything about
the person you want to meet, UNLESS, you join a dating website
that has systems in place to verify the information that a person
gives online. For example, does he or she really work where they
say? Do they live where they say? Is that picture on their
profile really what they look like in person?

But, if like me you have been around online dating for a number
of years, it is really difficult to find a website that offers
systems to enable the dating website’s management team to verify
any kind of information about their members.

When I took the decision to start an online dating site, I wanted
to set up a system that would allow our management team to verify
information about our members, so that we could offer our members
a safer online dating environment. On our website, with our
latest service upgrade, we finally have the ability to verify
information about our members, providing our members a much more
honest and safe dating community.

Although members are not required to verify their personal
information, we do give our users several ways to verify their
personal information. When a member verifies their personal
information, we show our other members a logo which identifies
what information has been verified in the user’s profile.

Online dating should lead to fun and fulfillment, and hopefully,
we have been able to introduce an element to our site that will
let you see our dating community as one of the safer dating
websites available online.

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