Urban Wear: Not Just Fashion
by Teresa K Knight

Urban wear is more than just fashion and apparel, over time it has grown to be a personalised statement. The man or woman who is wearing it is stating their personality. Previously urban wear was only related to hip hop performers. Nowadays, not only hip hop musicians are donning on the brilliantly colored type, it has become a global fashion pattern.

As stated, urban wear suggests the individuality of the person wearing it on the grounds that these people could customized their design and try to make it to stick out. With urban wear going through adjustments, it has grown to be a winner not only to teenagers or young adults. It is furthermore attaining attractiveness from higher age groups. It is also beginning to cross socio-economic classes. Hip hop artists, important and common people can be found wearing this approach from time to time.

What exactly brands it desirable is the range. There are different clothing designs to opt for from such as t-shirts, skinny jeans, shorts, Capri or cargo pants, and hooded shirts. These styles could jump out if the public surrounds it, and it is also because of their contradicting designs, colors, visuals, or messages. An evidence of the escalating market would be the various and diverse urban clothing famous brands in stores and in people’s cabinets.

It has evolved so considerably that these men and women by now have their own sub-culture. Fashion creations and style reveal the mannerisms, way of discussing and even walking of those people who put on urban clothing. But this sub-culture has been accepted and grew to become part of American community, and also the world.

However, the biggest flaw on urban clothing is how costly it could be. There are a few hip hop artists who are insistent on sporting cheap urban fashion and accessories as their own declaration in opposition to materialism. Urban clothing and hip hop is not about the clothing and jewelry piecies you wear, and also the personality that you don.

With the help of the popularization and mainstreaming of urban attire and hip hop, there are a number of retailers, no matter whether on-ground or online that are providing different alternatives for urban variations. Generally there are some urban clothing supporters that may not be in to vivid colors, loose pants or over the top accessories. Though these people are capable to combine urban clothing with their old fashioned styles, producing yet another type of fashion.

Urban clothing enthusiasts have designed good meaning of style because they were able to blend conventional and city wear together. They are becoming adventurous in searching fashion and bending guidelines to flaunt themselves. It can be a miss or hit for various people, but the reality that they were equipped to assert their individuality is really bold.

Fashion designers are definitely focusing to this sub-culture and beginning to cash in on it. Urban clothing designers would develop a near relationship to street mindset, identifying exactly what urban consumers need. After all, fashion trends would usually acquire what is hip and in demand on the street.

Currently, urban clothing makers are approaching or shifting their focus to youthful and street knowledgeable generation or urban fashion customers. Some would point to urban wear as “contemporary” or even “metropolitan” style. But whichever title it would be, the fashion, the person’s individuality and the assertion that they would like to make would certainly nevertheless be prominent. Colors can vary but the soul could not.

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