TV, internet, telephone…thanks a bundle!

By: Paul Buchanan

The last 150 years have heralded some quite awesome inventions that have shaped the way people live their everyday lives.

Whilst cars gave people the freedom to travel wherever they wanted, television and telephones helped connect people from across the world. And with the advent of the internet era, 24-hour web-access on tap has changed the way people interact with each other – and with the world around them. Combined, television, telephones and the internet sure form a potent force.

With television, you have round-the-clock entertainment and news channels. And with the trusty telephone, you can chat with anyone in the world – at any time. The internet, on the other hand, combines the wonders of both television and telephones, providing an all-singing, all-dancing communications behemoth.

Whilst the permeation of TV across the world was said to have serious repercussions for both cinema and radio, both mediums recovered and demonstrated that there’s room for all of them. Many have argued that the internet would eventually eliminate the need for TV and telephones, given that you can watch television on your computer and chat to anyone across the web that has the correct technology. But there are certain experiences a networked computer can’t quite replicate. With a physical telephone, it can be left on at all times for people to call – but with a computer, you have to be switched on for anyone to call. And with a cordless phone you can wander around the house and even into the garden whilst maintaining a conversation.

Furthermore, a grainy computer screen with tinny speakers is no match for a gigantic widescreen TV with cinematic surround sound. And some people like to surf the web whilst glancing up to watch TV – the two activities aren’t mutually exclusive.

TV and telephones have been around for a long time and the internet, as the new-ish kid on the block, won’t usurp these traditional forms of media. Millions of people sign up to special deals to ensure they have the best of all worlds, with hundreds of TV channels, super-fast broadband and free telephone calls during evenings and at weekends.

Whether you’re seeking out separate deals or looking for bundled Sky offers, there can be little doubt that people are as keen as ever to ensure they can watch, talk and surf from the comfort of their own living room. Here’s to the next century and more quality home entertainment!

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