Tips For Building a Successful Long Distance Relationship

From time to time, life will hand you a twist, and you will be
required to move from one place to another – this can be the
result of a job transfer, leaving home to attend college, or any
of a number of other reasons. When you move from one town to
another, it is not always possible to bring your partner with
you, and this sometimes leads to the formation of a long distance
relationship (LDR).

I have to be honest, it takes a very special set of people to
engage in the long distance relationship successfully and for a
lengthy amount of time. The weaker among us may work to keep the
facade, while at the same time looking for companionship closer
to home. I will be honest, I am not suited to the long distance
relationship, but I have known people who were able to do it
successfully over a number of years.

When you have a long distance relationship, it is always good to
maintain communication, whether it is through the phone, email or
any other possible means. It can be a bit straining and
expensive, but that is the only means that will keep the two of
you together. These days with Voice Over IP (VOIP) telephone
services, the cost of long distance phone services can be
drastically reduced, but these services require the user to keep
access to a high-speed internet access, in order to successfully
utilize the services.

Partners should also maintain a high level of honesty and respect
for each other. If you do not trust your partner, you will be
kept awake wondering whom they are with and whether they are
still faithful.

Do not ask your partner “who were you with?” or “what did you
do?” There is a difference between genuine interest and
suspicion, and the person whom you ask those questions can
usually distinguish between the two motives.

Insecurity will poison and ultimately kill any relationship.

If you find yourself straying, or simply do not love your partner
anymore, it is always best to come clean. Do not lie or pretend
that you are not going out with someone else. It may be seem more
convenient to hide the truth, but if you try, you are just
delaying the inevitable breakup.

When you decide to break the relationship, do not leave a message
on the answering machine.

Understand if your partner is unable to return your calls
immediately, or does not write that often. It may because of a
new lifestyle or a pressing job.

It also helps to tell your partner what you did, how you are
feeling and where you think the relationship is heading.

Make a habit of visiting each other when it is possible,
especially during holidays. This helps break the gap that the
distance is putting between you. Absence may make the heart grow
fonder, but presence gives it strength. The hellos may seem odd
and the goodbyes painful, but it gets easier with time.

Having supportive friends is also an added advantage. Some may
think it is an absolute waste of time to maintain a long distance
relationship, while others will respect you for trying to hold
the relationship together despite the distance.

A long distance relationship is just like any other relationship
– the only difference is that you will have to work a little bit
harder to stay together. If there is no reason to break up, head

Keep in mind that nothing comes in life comes on a silver
platter. Relationships like anything else in life requires work
to be successful. If you are committed to your significant other
and him or her to you, then the long distance relationship is not
a bad thing. My brother was involved in a long-distance
relationship for more than four years, while he and his current
wife were working their way through college. It worked out well
in his case, and it could work out well in your case also.

If you find yourself involved in a long distance relationship,
you should use this article as a guide to help your relationship
be successful in the end. You never really know what cards life
is going to deal to you, so invest in what is important to you,
and find the fulfillment you have always wanted to find in your
own life.

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