The ideal living room should really live up to its name and be a living room. After all, this is the only room in most of our houses where the room’s designated purpose is leisure and relaxation. All the other room we use have a purpose which is largely functional. The most functional of all the rooms in the modern house is, of course, the kitchen where we prepare food, wash and clean up after ourselves and usually do a whole lot more like eat, store food and drink, and maybe even entertain occasional guests etc.


Obviously, our bedrooms are highly important as we spend more time here than anywhere else in the house – though most of the time we’re unconscious of course.


Other rooms are generally used for storage and, of course, we eat in our dining rooms. So for most of us in this day and age – we’re left with the appropriately-named living room or lounge to , well…, live and lounge around!


The problem comes when the room isn’t much of a living space but, instead, is rigidly formal and a little boring. Often, the living room furniture people choose is designed to make a room look smart rather than to have fun and relax in. But we can still achieve both these goals with the right furniture choices which are also good fun.


Take the recliner chair, for instance, which is great fun to sit and relax on, but also looks neat and tidy immediately in its non-reclined position. There are many other choices that achieve the same purpose like a smart pouf that fits into the corner of a corner sofa looking perfect when not in use – but affording the whole family the chance to lie down together in front of a good film on a cold winter’s night. The ideal living room is really about living!

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