Stressed-Out Britons Will Spend Christmas On Their Smartphones

Stressed-Out Britons Will Spend

Christmas On Their Smartphones

16 Dec 2011

Figures released this week show that almost half of work-obsessed Britons will be email watching over the festive period as the recession and eurozone chaos breeds a nation of Christmas neurotics.

A staggering forty six percent of the adult population so fear losing their job, that even over Christmas they will keep an eye on their emails. The survey* amongst 1000 people found that one in five people would feel competitively disadvantaged if they didn\’t keep on top of their emails this Christmas. Interestingly it is the younger workforce that feel the most pressure with 18-24 year olds most inclined to look at their emails, while the over 50s feel a little more inclined to relax and not worry about work.

Carole Spiers is the author of the new book \”Show Stress Who\’s Boss!\” and her advice for workers this Christmas is to take a break: \”If people dont re-charge their batteries over the bank holiday and use it as a time to switch off, they aren\’t going to be in a healthy state of mind to start the new year; which is no good for them, their family, or their employer.\”

Carole is available for comment or interview and extracts from her new book are available now. For more details please visit:


Show Stress Who\’s Boss! is published by Equilibrium Publications in the UK. ISBN: 9780955038037. RRP: £15.00.


* The survey was conducted by OnePoll.