New Web Accessibility Solution For Disabled Users

Recite Helps Invate to Innovate

With New Web Accessibility

Solution For Disabled Users
     21 Dec 11

An innovative North East business that allows dyslexic and sight impaired users to access the web with ease has signed up another regional success story as one of its newest clients.

Gateshead-based Recite, which offers a simple and cost-effective platform that can help users with certain disabilities to use internet sites, is working with Invate, one of the UK’s leading suppliers of specialist products for disabled people, to make its website fully accessible and compliant with government regulations.

“I love the fact that one of our first clients is a business that shares a similar market and outlook to ourselves,” said Ross Linnett, Founder and Managing Director of Recite. “Invate offers a full range of products to people with all types of disability. By using the Recite platform, more of those people will be able to go online, explore the site and order the products for themselves.”

Recite is an easy to use and cost-effective web based solution which provides a set of tools like text- to-speech to read websites out aloud, and adjustable text-only-view to make sites easier to read. The system offers a simple solution to the issue of meeting W3C guidelines, which stipulate that reasonable steps must be taken to make all websites universally accessible. Unlike traditional products, which require downloading and installing of software, Recite can be added using a simple line of code on the client’s website, providing a simple off-the-peg solution.

“As a company that caters to the needs of disabled people, we are always looking for ways to improve the customer experience and I have been hugely impressed by the capabilities of the Recite platform,” said Chris Quickfall, Managing Director of Newcastle-based Invate. “It has not only enhanced the usability of the site, but has also increased our accessibility for visually impaired customers.”

Recite is accessed by a simple button, prominently placed on the client’s website. Once the user clicks on this, a bar will appear at the top of the page giving access to the Recite tools, including magnified plain text view, text-to-speech capability and translation into 52 languages. It’s even possible to change the colour and layout of text to suit certain specific conditions.

“There are over nine million people within the UK who have dyslexia and there are a further 2 million that are registered with visual impairment, so we’ve put a lot of thought into the Recite product, making it simple and intuitive for both website owners and their customers,” added Mr Linnett. “It’s really easy to use, has an intuitive user interface and works on a simple yearly subscription model. When it comes to assistive technology, using Recite could change the lives of people with dyslexia or visual impairment.”


To find out more about Recite, visit or call (0191) 432 8092.