Long-term use of mobile (cell) phones does cause brain tumours, major independent research has confirmed. The finding exposes the cover-up of the mobile phone industry, which had paid for a study review that demonstrated the safety of their products and networks.

But using the same data from the industry’s own study, researchers have found that people who frequently use a mobile (cell) phone or cordless phone for more than 10 years run a high risk of developing a brain tumour.

Lead researcher R B Dubey of Apeejay College of Engineering in Sohna, India says that long-term mobile phone use is not safe, and that current safety guidelines need to be revised.

Long-term phone users have malignant gliomas and benign acoustic neuromas on the same side of the head where they hold the device, the researchers found.

They used the data collated by the Interphone study, paid for by the mobile phone industry.

Swedish cancer specialist Dr Lennart Hardell came to a similar conclusion reached by Dubey’s team when he carried out his own research into mobile phone use. He estimates that the phones can double the risk of a brain tumour.

To reduce the cancer risk, Dubey recommends that people use their phones less often, text rather than phone, and use an ‘air tube’ headset rather than a wired one.

(Source: Journal of Computer Assisted Tomography, 2010; 34: 799).

via Mobile phones cause brain tumours, independent researchers confirm | What Doctors Don’t Tell You.