Micarmo is dedicated to bringing the authentic tastes of Portuguese cuisine to the UK.

With this in mind, all food and drink is sourced and imported from around Portugal, as the best way to experience these traditional flavours is with the ingredients and production techniques from the country and location of origin.

The company is managed by Alexandre Ratzke De Figueiredo who has been involved in the Hospitality & Catering trade for many years.
Enabling customers to enjoy the authentic taste of Portugal throughout the year, the company supplies local people with a range of Portuguese food and drink. With the option for free home delivery and list of locations selling Micarmo products, the service is designed to allow locals to enjoy the flavours of Portuguese cuisine at any time, be it at home or on the high street.

Predominantly wholesale suppliers to caf├ęs, corner shops, hotels or restaurants, as well as supplying to catering companies in Brighton and Hove and the surrounding area. Micarmo can also be found at local food markets, as well as offering home delivery to the public for functions like office parties, friends gatherings or children’s birthdays.

The businesses supplies a wide range of Portuguese food and drink products that are imported from Portugal and are supplied fresh or frozen, making them suitable for customers to keep and consume when desired, and are available direct from Micarmo or any listed retailer.

Range of products includes Patisserie (Sweet and Savoury), Cakes, Bread and Charcuterie and several types of alcohol such as wines and liqueurs.
Micarmo are the only suppliers of these Portuguese foods and drink in Brighton and Hove.

Alexandre De Figueiredo
The Authentic Taste Of Portugal
Tel: 01273732903