He has been called a misogynist, a mediocrity and a moron. But for how much longer can we call Ceri Thomas editor of the Today show? For I can disclose he is to be joined at the helm by Jasmin Buttar, the fearsome deputy editor of Newsnight. At first it was thought she would be replacing Thomas’s deputy, Jon Zilkha, but Zilkha isn’t going anywhere. Now, mischief-makers are wondering if it will be Thomas’s job she takes. Thomas has not had a good year: in April, he was obliged to make a grovelling retreat after suggesting women weren’t thick-skinned enough to work on Today. Then, when Mark Damazer left as controller of Radio 4, Thomas failed to land the job. BBC chiefs have now clearly decided that, contrary to Thomas’s pronouncement, Today could benefit from a female touch. Not that Buttar is exactly a wallflower: she has quite a reputation at Newsnight, where she nearly got the top job two years ago.