Love At First Bite!

14 Mar 12

Whilst putting snake venom on your face may seem bizarre, Planet Skincare lives up to its reputation for ‘state of the art’ anti-aging technology in developing a product that “snake-like”, strikes at the very core of anti-aging…

Hiding its true colours under its innocuous name, Wrinkle Defence doubles as a unique anti-aging cream with fantastic, wrinkle freezing, Botox-like properties.
One of the key ingredients of Wrinkle Defence is Synake, an ingredient that mimics a protein found in the venom of the Temple Viper snake. Synake inhibits neuromuscular communication, blocking the message that the brain sends to the facial muscles and reducing mobility so that wrinkles do not continue to form.

“It visibly reduces wrinkles by 52% and has an up 82% smoothing effect on the skin”

Unlike Botox which takes affect almost immediately, Planet Skincare Wrinkle Defence has an accumulative effect with results seen after 10-15 days. Wrinkles are visibly reduced, and the skin is also left healthy and glowing with renewed hydration.

Syn-ake: Synthetic substance mimics snake venom activity…

In the form of a “wrinkle-killer” it is being used to help boost the self-confidence of both men and women. Syn-ake is a synthetic substance, which mimics part of a polypeptide found in the venom of the Temple Viper. It has beneficial effects for the skin – perhaps “Love at first bite? Snake venom can be deadly – but similar substances can also heal!!

Lines caused by facial expressions are always visible. We use about 60 facial muscles whilst communicating both through speech and with facial expressions, frowning, the lifting of eyebrows laughing and pulling a face are some typical facial expressions that we use to communicate. As time passes and with frequent use of these facial movements, these wrinkles persist and become permanent deep wrinkles on the forehead, laughter lines and crow’s feet. Those who no longer want to live with these can now spare themselves the danger and discomfort of cosmetic surgery or the use of expensive botox injections…

A True Alternative to Botox™
Like Botox™, certain Planet Skincare ingredients blocks neuro-transmuscular contractions which cause facial tension.

Visibly reduce Lines & Wrinkles in just 28 days!

Powerful antioxidants that help skin cells remain healthy and protect against ageing

52% Wrinkle Reduction
82% Smoothing Effect
Rejuvenates collagen in the skin
Provides essential skin nutrients
Free of parabens that can dry or irritate skin
Not tested on Animals
Allergy Tested

Planet Skincare is one of the only anti-ageing products currently available on the market with a 52% reduction in lines and wrinkles. It is also currently one of the only brands to use maximum levels of Syn-ake in its product range