An Appalachian folk story tells of two friends who went coon
hunting. They treed a coon but could not get him down. So one
decided he’d climb the tree and shake the coon loose. To his
surprise, he found it wasn’t a coon at all, but a wildcat.

In a little while, his friend heard an awful commotion up in the
tree. Then he heard a voice screaming down at him, “Help! Help!”

“What’ll I do?”

“Just shoot up here amongst us,” his friend said. “One of us has got
to have some relief.”

Does your life ever feel like you’re wrestling with a wildcat and
somehow, somewhere, you have to get some relief? If so, you’re not

Psychologist Richard Wiseman asserts that people actually need more
relief now than ever before. We are living more stressful,
faster-paced lives than ever. He cites the results of an
international study conducted in collaboration with the British
Council to measure the speed of life.

The experiment was conducted by researchers who secretly timed how
fast thousands of pedestrians walked in city centers across the
globe, including London, Madrid, Singapore and New York. Granted,
this is not the most scientific experiment, but it is fascinating

Prof. Richard Wiseman says, “This simple measurement provides a
significant insight into the physical and social health of a city.”

Where do the fastest walkers live? In order of speed, they are found
in Singapore (Singapore), Copenhagen (Denmark), Madrid (Spain),
Guangzhou (China) and Dublin (Ireland).

According to this study, we live about 10% faster now than twenty
years ago, when a similar experiment was conducted. The biggest
changes are found in and around Asia, where the pace of life in
Guangzhou (China) increased by over 20% and where Singapore showed a
30% increase.

A common American expression is, “Chill.” Are you anxious and
uptight? Chill. Need to de-stress? Just take it easy? Chill.

Chilling is pretty good advice, actually. Especially if the word
“chill” is spelled this way:

C – Calm down. When you’re anxious, frenzied or pressed, stop. Take
a deep breath and ask yourself, “Why?”

H – Hold back. Set a reasonable pace. Life is a marathon, not a
sprint. If you want to last, pace yourself. And take time to rest.

I – Indulge your desire for fun. Do something fun everyday and try
to put fun in your usual activities.

L – Learn how to just be. You already know how to DO. Take time to
BE. Don’t measure your life by what you accomplish, but by who you
are. Be present. Be attentive. But be.

L – Let it go. You are not responsible for everything and everybody.
In the immortal words of poet Robert Browning, “God’s in His Heaven;
all’s right with the world.” You don’t have to do it all yourself;
you don’t have to do it all right now. And some of it you may not
have to do at all.

You may feel like you’re wrestling with a wildcat. Or maybe you just
feel as if you’re living too fast. But if you need some relief,
“chill” is a good word to remember. Spell it right and you just
might get something you don’t expect. Happiness.

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