Great ideas for summer events

The annual sales conference or team building away days are always great fun for everyone who takes part. It’s a chance for employees to let their hair down, break free from the office routine, yet it still allows for cooperation and working together in a different and interesting setting. People come back from these kinds of events renewed and refreshed, inspired and ready for new challenges at work.

There are, of course, numerous venues for hire for this kind of event. But, if you want to do something really different, it’s probably best to leave the details of the events to the experts – ie. get a professional company to organise your day for you. Of course, you’ll have input into what kind of theme you want the day based around, but why take on the headaches when it’s not your specialism?

Just to give you a few ideas of what’s out there, here are some of the more interesting themes we’ve come across.

Leaving the stuffiness of traditional conference venues behind you, why not make the company away day an ‘It’s a Knockout’ team builder. Remember the old TV show that even the Royal Family took part in, where people got to dress up in outrageous costumes, carry out a series of silly obstacle courses, and have a heap of fun at the same time? Companies can now do this kind of thing as a team building activity, and it’s proving really popular.

Another trip down memory lane is the School Sports Day team builder. You go back to the old favourites like the relay race, the egg and spoon, the high jump. Departments are mixed up and new teams are formed for the day’s activities. Oranges at half time!

And if you’ve got a boss who seems to hark back to his army days all the time, why not pick a Boot camp theme for the company team away day? Ex-soldiers are cashing in on their army experience and knowledge to design fun but exhausting team builder days for companies. You even get the camouflage and fatigues to wear for the day…

Of course, all these team builder events are outside – and therefore better planned for the summer – but if you have to have your away days in the winter, there are lots of indoor options on offer too.