Flatten Your Abs Net

By: Sharon k

There are literally HUNDREDS of exercises you can do for your abs and core. I’ve included 44 of them in my program to provide you with enough variety to keep you engaged and interested for a long time, without giving so many that you feel overwhelmed.

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You’ll get 7 workouts, each progressively more challenging; you simply jump in at the level based on your current condition. It’s also easy to create additional routines based on the numerous exercises and training principles I teach you.

You may have seen bodybuilders and fitness cover models with “six pack” abs that looked mighty impressive. However, appearances can be deceiving. “You’re only as strong as your weakest link” is clichéd but 100% true. Without a foundation of functional strength under the facade of “pretty” abs, you are vulnerable to muscle strains, disc herniations, Sciatic nerve pain or other injuries that could knock you out of commission for months.

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My clients, on the other hand, have that incredible washboard-abs look AND the punch-proof stability, functional strength and raw power to back it up.

Since I can’t evaluate you in person – I’ve included guidelines in my program to show you how to test yourself for the proper starting level and to individualize your program. You’ll also know exactly when to make the move up to the next level.

That’s why I didn’t stop with just exercise. FIRM AND FLATTEN YOUR ABS is not a diet book, but it wouldn’t be complete without nutrition information. You’re kidding yourself if you think AB exercises are all it takes to get the waistline you want… You MUST eat properly!

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