Everyone knows that HRT for the menopause cause breast and ovarian cancers and heart problems – everyone that is except the doctors, who continue to prescribe the drugs at dangerously high doses.

Although the first major health alert about HRT was issued as long ago as 2001, and has been followed up since by studies that demonstrate other health risks, doctors have ignored the findings, say researchers from Stanford University.

Doctors weren’t even reverting to low-dose formulations, which offer many of the benefits but dramatically reduce the risks.

“It takes a huge event to change clinical practice, “said research team head Randall Stafford.

Clearly more than thousands of deaths.

(Source: Menopause, November 24, 2010. doi: 10.1097/gme.0b013e3181f43404).

via Doctors still prescribing high-dose HRT despite health alerts | What Doctors Don’t Tell You.