Do You Worry About Where It Comes From?

Back in the ‘80’s there was a lot of talk about animal testing in the world of cosmetics and beauty products, highlighted primarily by the rise in popularity of The Body Shop with their stringent ethical stance. Brands went to great lengths to make sure that consumers were made aware of the provenance of their products and little bunny rabbit logos appeared everywhere. Laws were changed too and the onus is now on businesses to operate responsibly and within strict guidelines to ensure consumer safety and remain trading.

These days, the shift of focus has moved on. We are still conscious of the need to make sure we purchase goods developed and manufactured in a sound moral environment, but are also seeking information about other concerns too. The use of ingredients from renewable sources is a current favourite, and also that elements of the product are not harmful to the environment or indeed to the consumer using them. High fashion has even got involved and beauty magazines will often show spreads of Make up tips using the latest ‘clean’ brands which tick all the right boxes. Look out for the latest in a glossy magazine near you!

The industry giants such as Procter & Gamble who produces famous household favourites such as Oil of olay have had to grow and evolve with the times like everyone else. P&G as they are commonly known have been around since 1837 so they certainly have a lot of experience in getting it right. They do however admit to occasional animal testing but are however keen to state it is always done in a humane way. Purists will not find this acceptable, but many of us may not even give it a second thought. The question remains: do you worry about where it comes from? Or is it all about getting the latest looks. If nothing else maybe this article will make you think…