Creating The Perfect Guest Room

When you’re setting up a guest bedroom it can be really great to make it a perfect room so that your guests feel pampered and spoiled when staying at your home. And as well as making it nice for other people, revamping a guest bedroom is a nice project as you can usually take the time over the redecorating and furnishing because you won’t need to displace anyone while you do it.

As the guest bedroom is used by a range of different visitors, you should try and pick a theme for the room that suits all tastes – as well as your own. Examples of things to avoid would be decorating the whole room in flowery pinks or with very bold colour choices. Choosing a neutral base for the walls and adding some touches of colour with the curtains and bed linen is a much safer approach – so the guest room is as suitable for your mother in law as it is for a work colleague to stay in.

You can buy furniture from one of the many bedroom furniture collections that retailers now offer. Start off by deciding what kind of style furniture you like. Do you prefer metal bed frames or wooden ones? There’s such a range to choose from that you need to narrow your choices before you start looking. For example, it’s really easy to buy cheap oak beds online, but they don’t all look the same. Some are painted cream or white, with wooden ends, others are waxed and some are stained to a dark rich colour.

A nice touch for a guest room is to have a dressing table. Some bedrooms don’t have room for dressing tables, but in a guest room, wardrobe space is not quite as essential as in your own bedroom, so you could make space for a dressing table and provide a smaller wardrobe instead. A dressing table can be a really nice feature in a room, especially if you choose one that has intricate carving on it, or an interesting mirror on the top. It also adds a touch of luxury to a room, making sure that your guests will have that pampered feeling while they’re staying in your home.

Finishing touches in a guest room are really comfortable bedding and pillows, and a set of towels which coordinate well with the bedroom. The only trouble with making a guest room too nice is that you might find your guests never want to leave! Do you have any tips for the other readers on how to create the perfect guest room?

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