Clay & Herbs – New Natural
Skincare Range Launched

     23 Mar 12

Patricia Ferguson – Medical Herbalist BSc (Hons) CPP launches her own range of natural skincare products, Clay & Herbs using only pure Argiletz Clays, Zeolite, herbs and essential oils. The feedback from clients has been brilliant. Professional make up artist Emma Carevlle says, “I tried the face scrub and the body scrub – comparable to Dermalogica’s Daily Microfoliant, which I love.”

Fiona McBride from Glasgow says, “Normally these types of masks are too strong for my skin and cause redness and itching. This one was gentle yet effective. It was easy to use and mix and left my skin really smooth. The next day blemishes were gone or diminished and my teenage daughter also tried it and found same.”

Shae Duncan South London says, ”Patricia has helped me significantly with my acne problem.  I used her Purifying Acne Masque once a week for a month and have noticed not only has my acne dramatically, reduced, but my skin feels softer and has a healthy glow. The masque is very easy to use and very gentle.  I like the way it goes hard on your face but then it is very easy to wash off with warm water. I will most definitely be continuing my use with this product and all of the products Patricia has recommended for my skin, they all seem to be working.”

How Clay & Herbs Products Benefit your Skin:
100% natural ingredients

High mineral content of clay nourishes, balances, protects and revitalizes skin

Superior absorption to remove impurities, excess oil, dirt and pollutants

Rebalances and corrects excess oil production when used regularly; especially beneficial for acne-prone skin

Refines the texture of the skin and improves tone

Exfoliates, smoothes and softens the skin

Revitalises and stimulates, bringing radiance to a dull complexion
Founder Patricia Ferguson explains, “My products are made from dry ingredients and so I do not need to use preservatives, natural or otherwise. Other ready-to-use wet products are more difficult to preserve long term, as bacterial growth will be an issue.”

Patricia advises that the French clays she uses are among the best on the market today. They are living, active clays, sun-dried for optimum results and containing a myriad of minerals and trace elements. Their purity is also guaranteed, having conformed to strict European legislation. Zeolite is able to absorb 3 times as much as clay. It is even being investigated by the pharmaceutical companies and holistic practitioners for its potential use in neutralising cancerous tumours.

Zeolite’s ability to remove toxic wastes, chemicals and bacteria also make it a useful addition for detox and acne treatments. Zeolite has been added to enhance the action of the products.. There are two types of zeolite used in Clay & Herb products, Crystalite Pink and Crystalite Gold. The gold variety is the more absorbent of the two. Zeolite is used in all products. Essential oils are concentrated, aromatic compounds extracted from plants by steam or water distillation. They have medicinal and cosmetic properties which enhance the action of the products.

Clay & Herbs products are a blend of:
Superior quality, pure cosmetic French Argiletz clays, each clay having affinity with a certain skin type

Carefully selected organic and wild-crafted herbs

Zeolite – a unique mineral with an exceptional ability to absorb and remove impurities

Essential oils
There are currently four products in the range:
Purifying Acne Masque

Gentle Facial Scrub

Exfoliating Body Scrub

Peppermint Pumice Hand & Foot Scrub
Herbs used in our Products and their Benefits:

Marshmallow Root & Slippery elm – Softens, revitalizes and hydrates. Draws impurities from the skin. Has soothing, anti-inflammatory and healing properties. Controls oily skin and soothes allergic reactions.

Chamomile – Its healing properties are used in dermatitis, eczema, acne and rashes. Treats sensitive, dry and inflamed skin.
Peppermint –  Has a cooling effect on the skin.
Aromatic Waters – We recommend for use with our products, a range of plant-based, therapeutic distilled aromatic waters to mix with the clays before use to further enhance their actions. A 30ml bottle is provided free of charge with every first purchase.
Product Aromatic water – Purifying Acne Masque: Chamomile & Marigold.

Gentle Facial Scrub : Rose Geranium & Lavender
Exfoliating Body Scrub: Marigold

Peppermint Pumice: Peppermint