Cinderella-budget beauty tips


Are you splashing out too much on serums? Or are you shocked at the price of your shampoo? Don’t worry; an effective daily beauty regime can be yours for very little cost. Check out DIY alternatives to expensive creams, serums and treatments, or find a supplier online who offers real value. Try not to be tempted by the beautiful packaging, celebrity endorsement and swanky ads that big brands use to lure you!


If you have a favourite brand and are a devotee of their products, the first money-saving step is to see if you can get them for less. When you see BOGOF offers, buy in bulk. Or make the most of your internet connection and head to Ebay, buy online using price comparison websites, looking out for voucher codes, and checking the company’s website. Brands like oil of olay, for example, usually have a club which is free to join; members often get samples sent through the post and are informed about special offers, as well as news about product releases.


For a viable alternative to shop-bought beauty aids, head no further than your kitchen. Use inexpensive store-cupboard ingredients and create homemade beauty preparations. These will save you buying expensive branded products and you will not be forking out extra for the fact that they are natural, contain no harmful additives and smell good enough to eat (this isn’t recommended, however!). Many tips can be found online at websites like


You may also find that you can make your beauty products go a little further by watering them down. If your shampoo bottle is half-full, try adding some water and shaking the bottle to mix it together; you’ll get a product that lasts longer but gives virtually the same results. This can be applied to liquid soap, and shower gel, too. Lastly, if you get given a beauty product as a gift or freebie and it’s something you won’t use, sell it on Ebay and use the money for a more useful product; don’t clutter up your dressing table with products that do nothing but gather dust!