I’m sure like myself , many parents are having second thought regarding their daughters having the vaccination for cervical cancer. We hear the first death was not caused by the vaccination , but that the girl had a tumour in her chest , I’m amazed this was not spotted earlier .

No explanation has come forward regarding the girl who suffered epileptic fits after the vaccination, and is now zombi-ised after being perfectly healthy. How many others are there we not being told about . The pharmaceutical company say , there is “no evidence” to suggest this vaccination causes any long term side effects, BUT there is also “no evidence” to suggest it does not . Are we being told the whole truth. How many others are there who have, or are suffering, bad effect from this vaccination, we will never be told .

Well I have made up my mind, and my daughter is not having it at this time, I need more reassurance, as I’m sure many other parents do.

Submitted by Jackie on Wed, 10/14/2009 – 16:18