Hit Brighton Bars for a Night Out to Remember

By: Adam Singleton

Brighton, a coastal town set within the city of Brighton and Hove, is a welcoming holiday destination suited to all types. With stretching beaches, fascinating historical and cultural aspects and a thriving lesbian and gay scene, there’s good reason as to why this enigmatic town receives upwards of eight million tourists a year.

One thing that Brighton is truly famous for is its lively and entertaining nightlife. Brimming with pubs, clubs and bars, Brighton has hundreds of opportunities for an interesting and diverse night out, whether you’re into the latest techno tunes or prefer to relax in a jazz bar with friends.

With a plethora of some of today’s biggest bands – and bands of yesteryear – hailing from Brighton, you wouldn’t be wrong if you arrived in the city expecting musical innovation. And, happily, that’s what you’ll get. Brighton’s musicians are part of one of the UK’s most up and coming music scenes, where traditional and contemporary musical spheres are constantly being reborn and innovated into the next big thing.

Every night, live music thrums from the town’s various bars and clubs as locals and London revellers make their way to enjoy the latest in fresh new music. Best of all, the town’s musical culture is so diverse that you’re bound to find something to suit your tastes, from lone singer songwriters to the energy-driven underground punk that’s thrashed out in dingy venues, so music fans in Brighton can always be sure of a good night.

When you’re not seeing live bands, there’s always the clubs – and many of them. Encompassing a huge variety of styles, Brighton’s clubs invite revellers to dance the night away to old and new tunes alike, giving the opportunity to meet new people and experience the local Brighton atmosphere up close.

Heading out for a night out in Brighton is certainly an experience you’ll remember. With over 300 bars and pubs, you’ll never be far from your next watering hole and the diversity of pubs ensures you won’t get bored. From traditional ale houses to exciting, intricately designed contemporary bars, Brighton has pubs of all types lining its well-frequented streets.

Even better, once you’ve made your way back to your hotels in Brighton following an amazing night out, you’ll be able to relax on the beach the following afternoon – until it’s time to head out once more and do it all over again.

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