6 Easy Ways To Enjoy Christmas Without Piling On The Pounds!

6 Easy Ways To Enjoy Christmas

Without Piling On The Pounds!

15 Dec 11

DECEMBER 2011: With calorie-laden food and drink available in copious amounts at every turn, Christmas can mean all that work done over the year to be ‘good’ can be undone in days and many people start the New Year feeling slightly depressed, slightly flabby & vowing to join a gym… again!

Wendy Powell, founder of the MUTU® SYSTEM (mutusystem.com), suggests bucking the trend this year and enjoying Christmas without the bloating, hangovers and extra pounds. Here’s how:

  1. Listen to your body when it tells you you’re full! Christmas dinner is notorious for leaving us so full & bloated we can’t move. One serving is a lovely treat, but two helpings takes you from full to bloated – sit back & digest instead!
  2. When did you ever order 2 desserts after a meal? Christmas pudding, Christmas cakes, trifles, chocolates, mince pies… just because we’re overwhelmed by choice it does mean we have to eat them all! You don’t need to refuse all sweet treats, but just taste them. How about a small plate with literally a bite-sized slice of each dessert you really fancy?
  3. When you do your food shopping for Christmas, don’t get sucked into this crazy notion that you have to fill your house with more ‘goodies’ than you’ve bought all year… for one day. Choose the treats your family really enjoy, but don’t get sucked in by all the ‘bumper-bargain-2for1-jumbo-family-pack-supersize’ nonsense.
  4. Move! Christmas for many families means sitting down! Take a break, get off the sofa and go for a walk, get some fresh air, run around with the kids and let off some steam, but don’t just sit and eat and watch TV!
  5. No one is saying don’t drink, but if you’re drinking alcohol, alternate alcoholic with non alcoholic drinks and try not to spend ALL day with a glass of wine in your hand! Ginger beer, tonic water with a slice of lime or juice like cranberry or pomegranate diluted with sparking mineral water are lovely alternatives and if you drink these you won’t wake up on Boxing Day feeling like a hamster spent the night in your mouth…
  6. Remember if you want to lose weight, or are planning a new regime for the New Year, piling on the pounds over Christmas makes it even harder. Don’t wait for January 1st to do some exercise! If you’re starting from scratch start a walk/run program TODAY!! Already started? Set yourself a small, achievable goal for the New Year – try a press up – go on! Do it now! How many can you do? Whatever it is – aim to double it by January 1st. Or pledge to make it running all the way up that hill without walking. Or holding a plank position for 1 full minute. You’ll be more motivated to eat well & keep going over Christmas if you’re already exercising, & by Jan 1st you’ll have a head start on your New Year’s Resolutions!

And of course, your friendly nagging personal trainer writer (that’ll be Wendy then) will be right here in January ready to put you through your paces! Happy Christmas!

For more information go to http://mutusystem.com/mutu-system.htm