WEXO (www.wexo.co.uk) is the UKs first matchmaking network for those requiring or offering work experience, internships and jobs.

After education Work Experience is the most important aspect of finding a career for young jobseekers but getting work experience has never been so difficult.
Work Experience also expands the horizons for young people, develops their confidence and adds to their CV better preparing them for their time in the workforce.

WEXO see themselves as the launch pad for young people starting their careers. WEXO introduce them to interesting and enjoyable opportunities in companies they might not otherwise have access to or would not have thought of at a time when they don’t yet have industry knowledge. Sometimes WEXO even act as the gateway to that permanent, dream job.

WEXO democratises access to exciting opportunities for young people whilst ensuring that companies catch the most suitable candidates.

Rather than companies sifting through a mountain of CVs in various formats, WEXO organises applications, making it easy to find people with the right character for a dedicated and happy workforce.