This summer, the latest trends in exercise have broken free from the constraints of complicated workouts, to focus on a simple and natural approach to getting fitter.

Matt Roberts, exercise expert and personal fitness instructor to stars including Naomi Campbell, Eva Longoria and Natalie Imbruglia, reveals the three big workouts for this spring:

Interval Training is the perfect way to burn calories, increase your heart rate and mix up your normal workout. Going off-road with ECCO’s new BIOM Trail, and alternating between fast runs and slower recovery time, will let you run as nature intended.

Building on the popularity of dynamic stretching trends, such as Yoga and Pilates, summer 2012 is the season of Core Mobility. If you do not give your stomach, sides and back the attention they need, then you are not building a strong foundation for your overall fitness. Ideally suited for the new lightweight ECCO BIOM Lite, this daily workout of low-intensity, dynamic stretches, such as The Superman, Reverse Leg Curls and Hip & Hamstring Flexes, will leave you feeling invigorated with improved posture, core stability and muscle tone.

Working out with friends is a fantastic way to keep motivated and make sure exercising is fun! Group Training is about getting together to create a work-out full of variety, and can include skipping, press-ups, burpees and quick feet ladder work. Indoors or out, it is a great way to inject some much-needed enthusiasm into your weekly routine.