Eight arrested after Brighton Vodafone protest

Protesters Hundreds of people marched through the city to show their opposition to government spending cuts

Eight people have been arrested and bailed after a sit-down protest outside a Vodafone shop in Brighton.

Police said the men were arrested because they failed to comply with a direction under the Public Order Act.

The order was that the group should leave the area to prevent public disorder and intimidation on Saturday.

Protests against Vodafone took place across the country on Saturday amid claims the firm had been let off an unpaid tax bill of £6bn.

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Vodafone denied the tax bill reports and HM Revenue and Customs said the £6bn figure was “an urban myth”.

Sussex Police said the eight men were arrested outside the shop in Western Road and bailed pending further inquiries.

Peaceful protest

The youngest two were aged 15, the oldest was 41, and the rest were in their 30s. All apart from one were from Brighton or Lewes.

The incident happened as protesters were marching through Brighton city centre to show their opposition to government spending cuts.

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Sussex Police said about 500 people took part in the peaceful march which ended with a rally in Victoria Gardens.

The local Trades Union Council claimed 2,000 people took part in the march, however.

They said attendance exceeded the expectations of organisers, who predicted 1,000 would attend.

The Brighton Stop the Cuts Coalition said it would move on to organise local anti-cuts groups in all parts of the city.

Campaigners said they would hold a meeting to organise the protest groups on 8 November.

via BBC News – Eight arrested after Brighton Vodafone protest.