Dynamic Websites

“Content Management Systems” or “CMS’s”

A Content Management System is a large collection of code that allows users to upload and edit information on a website via their browser on their home computer.

The alternative to this is learning to use expensive and complicated programs like Dreamweaver or Expression Web.

The website administrator has full control over who has this access to the website and what information can be uploaded, the administrator can also control what visitors can view or upload.

This type of website can be use used in various ways, websites such as Ebay, Facebook,Twitter, Wikipedia the list is almost endless of all the modern sites that use this technology.

However these sites were very expensive to develop as they utilise vast amounts of code hand written by hundreds of coders, this amount of investment is well beyond the scope of the individual.

Thankfully these days the power of the CMS is available at much lower cost so that you can now have a dynamic site such as your own Business website, E-commerce store, blog, forum or local community website for very little cost.

These CMS sites also get a lot more visitors sent to them from Google compared to traditional static websites, this is due to their dynamic functions and regularly changing content.

We use frameworks such as WordPress or Drupal to build these Websites then customize them to your individual requirements.

Prices for this start at only £299,00 plus a monthly fee from only £9,95 depending on the level of support needed.

Due to the nature of these websites the maintenance costs area bit higher than with a standard website but as you can create your website content in house the web designers fees are considerably less.

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