Sussex Solar Panel Centre Opens in Brighton

Sussex Solar Panel Centre Opens in Brighton

Sussex Solar Panel Centre Opens in Brighton

Sussex Solar Panel centre opens in Brighton. Our new renewable energy centre in Brighton showcases the very latest energy saving and Solar PV products.


Kraft Renewable Energy  is a friendly new Sussex Solar and Energy Saving company. The centre is dedicated to helping you find the most effective ways to save and make energy, and reduce your household carbon footprint too.


Advice on Saving Energy

According to leading utilities comparison service uSwitch, there has been a whopping 90% increase in energy prices in the last 6 years!


It’s definitely time to take control of your home energy. At the Kraft Renewable Energy centre, you can find out the best ways for saving energy at home: including loft insulation, cavity wall insulation, energy saving bulbs, energy monitors and meters. You can also get advice and information on the latest Government incentives available, such as the new Green Deal and solar panel feed-in-tariffs, to help future-proof their homes against ever-rising utility costs.


Energy advice and services are available on:

  • Green energy generation: Kraft Renewable Energy offers a customised solar installation and monitoring service
  • Insulation: including loft, flat roof, cavity wall and internal/external solid wall insulation
  • Draught proofing and other ways to save energy including cylinder jackets and thermostats
  • Energy efficient lighting and a range of other low cost, low energy devices
  • Heating controls
  • Smart metering and much more…


Kraft Renewable Energy offers a thorough home energy survey service to analyse a property’s energy performance and identify the best energy efficient measures to reduce waste and save money.


Solar Installation Sussex

Kraft Renewable Energy provides a customer-focussed solar panel installation service in Brighton and Sussex. At our renewable energy centre, you can see a solar installation in action, as well as discover the best in smart solar metering technology.


We provides a free comprehensive solar panel survey, to first assess the suitability your home for solar power and then to create the perfect fit for it. Kraft Renewable Energy is not aligned with any one solar panel supplier and can therefore create tailored solutions to fit individual budgets and deliver maximum energy and investment return.


Install Solar  before July 2012

Getting a solar installation before July 2012 will allow suitable homes to take advantage of the current higher government ‘feed-in-tariff’ rates, paid on solar power generated:


  • 21p Generation Tariff for each unit (or kWh) generated, whether used in the home or not. A well-positioned, averaged-sized (2.5kW) solar PV system can generate 2,200-plus units a year
  • 3.1p additional Export Tariff for each unit of surplus electricity exported to the National Grid (estimated at 50% of total electricity generated)


The ‘feed in tariff’ system provides an excellent return on investment, it is index linked and guaranteed for 25 years.


Kevin Power, Managing Director, Kraft Renewable Energy says: “The aim of our new renewable energy centre in Brighton is to give people the knowledge to make the right choices for their homes and make major long-term savings on their energy bills. We’re passionate about green energy and energy efficiency, and want to get people thinking about how they can reduce their carbon footprint and help protect our shared environment for the future.”


If that’s got you thinking why you don’t come in for a chat?

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Kraft Renewable Energy

Kevin Power
Kraft Renewable Energy
Town: Brighton
Business Address: 72 Warren Rd, Woodingdean, Brighton, BN2 6BA
Business Tel: 0800 298 0259

Business Description:
Kraft Renewable Energy is a friendly new renewable energy company in Brighton,
Sussex. Our mission is to help you save and make energy. We will give you honest
straightforward advice on your home’s potential. We provide a full PV solar
panel service, from advice through to installation and aftercare. We can also
conduct detailed home energy surveys and offer a range of energy saving services
and products.