Nourish Your Skin with Natures Inspiration’s Rose Cleanser

Nourish Your Skin with
Natures Inspiration’s
Rose Cleanser

     30 Dec 11

Natures Inspiration’s Founder Shauna Gallagher who also developed the entire range of natural handmade products says “it really is one of those products once you’ve used it you don’t want to use anything else, it leaves your skin feeling so soft and nourished!”

The ingredients are kept to a minimum – so great for those with sensitive skin, or those just seeking a pure and uncomplicated range. The cost of the range is excellent too, very affordable.

 Customer Comments..
I really love Natures Inspirations products. My skin is really sensitive and I can use the products without any problems, in fact my skin feels great after using them. The rose cleanser is wonderful, it really cleans my skin with out drying it out, and it smells fabuluous. Fionna Martin (2nd August 2011)

The scent of the cleanser is truly amazing, and what you might expect from a product containing Rose Damascena. The cleanser has a lovely light creamy texture, and is so gentle on the skin. I felt an amazing tingle that comes from cleansers that work deep down into the pores of the skin, and I felt no dryness whatsoever following useage, nor any sensitivity. I did not have to use tiny amounts for fear of reactions due to having tiny patches of sensitive skin. Sarah (9th November 2011)