Brighton POD launched

New Website Showcases the Freshest Products You Won’t See on the High Street

22nd November 2010,

Brighton: Promoting Original Design (POD) announces the launch of its new
website today, which aims to hunt high and low to unearth the most
unique products from some of the most original and exciting designers working in the UK today,
providing them with a platform to connect with customers that would previously be out of reach.
Founded by Robin Rothwell in 2009 as a response to his own frustration at not being able to
effectively market and showcase his own work as an independent designer, the company is now
home to more than 500 products from over 100 designers.

Trudging through shopping centres from franchise to franchise trying to find that special gift to
express individuality to a loved one at Christmas can test good will to all men and drain the festive
spirit quicker than a cheap Christmas tree drops its needles. Brighton POD is the place to go for
customers to secure ownership of a diplodocus lamp, a proper old school trimphone and a kitsch
cuckoo clock. Everything is attractively priced and is a good alternative to the ‘everyone’s-got-that
stuff’ on the high street.

“In the quest for faster and more convenient products”, many of the values that helped create and
nurture Britain’s rich tradition of independent craftsmanship are being forgotten,” explains the Brighton
based furniture designer. “POD was developed to connect the country’s diverse community of small
craftspeople and designers with discerning and ethically-minded consumers. Original products made
by independent designers bring joy and beauty into our lives. We keep them for longer because we
attach more value to them. At POD we showcase the best of British design talent providing an
alternative to the corporate offerings that often favour transient ‘needs’ over quality and originality.”

For more information or to browse through Brighton POD’s range please visit